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MTC ID Phone Number (include area code)
Drivers License (Include State and Number) MTC Assigned Email Address
Points to Remember:
Federal regulations require Direct Loan recipients to:
> Be enrolled in a minimum of six hours at the time of disbursement
> Be admitted to a Certificate or Degree-Seeking Program
> Have completed the FAFSA and submitted any additional documentation that has been requested
> Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
> Complete Entrance Counseling Requirements for first-time MTC borrowers at
*If this was completed at a prior institution, you may submit proof to our office for clearance.
> Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for first-time Direct Loan Borrowers at
Please check the appropriate box(es):
o New Loan o Decline Loan o Increase Loan o Decrease Loan o Change Loan Period
In order for your loan to be processed, you must enter a dollar amount.
Total Requested Loan Amount $____________ (Amount listed here is the total amount of loan funds you wish to
receive for the academic year.) All amounts will be disbursed in at least two equal payments.
Loan Period Deadline
o Fall Only (August – December) 12/2
o Fall and Spring (August – May) 12/2
o Fall, Spring and Summer (August-August) 12/2
*Disbursed in 3 equal payments
o Spring Only (January – May) 4/15
o Spring and Summer (January – August) 4/15
o Summer Only (May – August) 7/1
o If I am not eligible for the total amount in a subsidized loan, I will accept a combination of subsidized and
unsubsidized loans to equal the total amount requested.
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PO Box 2408
Columbia, SC 29202
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