Name(s) as shown on Form NJ-1040 Social Security Number
Schedule NJ-COJ Credit for Income or Wage
Taxes Paid to Other Jurisdiction
Income properly taxed by both New Jersey and other jurisdiction. (Instructions page 31)
Jurisdiction Name:
Do not combine the same income taxed by more than one jurisdiction.
(The amount on line 1 cannot exceed the amount on line 2.)
Income subject to tax by New Jersey (From line 29, NJ-1040)
Maximum allowable credit percentage. Divide line 1 by line 2. (Instructions page 32)
See page 23 to determine if you are eligible for a property tax
benet. If you are not eligible, only complete column B.
Column A Column B
Taxable Income (From line 37, Form NJ-1040)
4. 4.
Enter in box 5a the amount from Worksheet H,
line 1. (Instructions page 29)
Property Tax Deduction. Enter the amount from
Worksheet H, line 2. (Instructions page 29)
5. 5.
– 0 –
New Jersey Taxable Income (Subtract line 5 from line 4)
6. 6.
Tax on line 6 amount (From Tax Table or Tax Rate Schedules)
7. 7.
Allowable Credit (Multiply line 7 by line 3)
8. 8.
Credit for Taxes Paid to Other Jurisdiction. Enter
in box 9a the income or wage tax paid to other
jurisdiction. (Instructions page 33)
Credit Allowed. Enter the lesser of line 8 or
box 9a. This amount cannot exceed your New
Jersey tax on line 41.
9. 9.
If you are not eligible for a property tax benet, enter the amount from line 9, column B on line 42, Form NJ-1040. Make no
entry on lines 39 or 55, Form NJ-1040.
If you are eligible for a property tax benet, you must complete Worksheet I on page 34 to determine whether you receive a
greater benet by claiming a Property Tax Deduction or taking the Property Tax Credit.
Keep a copy of this schedule for your records