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Now is the time for you to commit your time and talent
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“Every man owes a part of his time and
money to the business or industry in
which he is engaged. No man has a
moral right to withhold his support from
an organization that is striving to
improve conditions within his sphere.”
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2019 Chair: Dee Edwards/Kelly Potter
____ Technology: Pr esents existing and futur e tech-
nologies that may enhance the practice and profitability
of members. Plans and organizes educational efforts to
raise the technological awareness of the membership.
2019 Chair: Rebecca Johnson
____ Young Professionals: Plans, or ganizes, and de-
livers functions/programs for the benefit of Young Pro-
fessionals. Network with other young professional
members picking up tips, listening to speakers related to
young professionals in real estate, and discovering pro-
fessional opportunities.
2019 Chair: Shawn Marjama
Council Descriptions
Councils are groups of members who meet to net-
work, share ideas, best practices, and information
about a niche they have in common.
____Business Partner: Pr omotes networ king oppor-
tunities between REALTOR® and Business Partner mem-
bers; works to increase the value of Business Partner
membership by encouraging R
EALTORS® to use the
services provided by Business Partner members.
2019 Chair: Eric Remy
NOTE: Members of this committee must attend training
provided by GACAR. This is a three year commitment.
Participation is limited to ONE MEMBER PER FIRM.
2019 Chair: Robin Schwartz
____Launch!: This annual full-day program helps mem-
bers Launch their year with phenomenal, high-energy,
inspirational speakers.
2019 Chair: Lisa Baltozer/Cheryl Hartley
____ Member/Community Outreach: Plans all net-
working opportunities including General Membership
Meetings and after hours events. Develops and promotes
the R
EALTOR® image in the community. This committee
is also responsible for the “R
EALTORS® Reaching Out”
2019 Chair: Kacey Anderson
____ Professional Development: Pr ovides oppor tuni-
ties for all members of GACAR, both R
Business Partners, to increase their professionalism and
profitability through education.
2019 Chair: Lisa Baltozer
____ Professional Standards: Educates members on
their responsibilities and obligations under the Code of
Ethics and conducts arbitration and ethics hearings
resulting from cases forwarded by the Grievance
NOTE: Members of this committee must attend training
provided by GACAR. This is a three year commitment.
2019 Chair: Gia Arvin
____ Public Policy: Identifies local issues affecting,
or potentially affecting, the real estate industry and/or
private property rights, and takes action by becoming
involved in those issues to ultimately make recommenda-
tions to the Board of Directors; disseminates information
on local, state and national issues to the membership,
This committee requires a questionnaire which needs to
be completed prior to your appointment.
2019 Chair: David Walle
____ RPAC: Responsible for fundr aising, incr easing
participation, raising awareness, appreciation and reten-
tion efforts for RPAC (R
EALTORS® Political Action Com-
Important Information
Every effort will be made to place you on the committee
of your choice, but keep in mind that our Bylaws and/or
policies may restrict or limit appointments. Also, some
committees have a questionnaire specific to their commit-
tee that needs to be completed prior to your appointment.
If you choose a committee that has this requirement (they
are indicated with an *), the questionnaire will be sent to
you after receipt of your completed form below.
Committee Descriptions
Committees are groups of volunteers that serve the
members of GACAR (and/or MLS) by working to
improve the programs, products, and services offered
to members.
____ Building: Pr ovides planning and r ecommenda-
tions for the improvement and maintenance of our build-
ing; oversees the rental contracts, pricing, and rules &
regulations for the conference center.
2019 Chair: Rosa Travis
____Bylaws: Maintains GACAR governing documents
(Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Policies). Imple-
ments changes approved by the Board of Directors and
the National Association of Realtors.
2019 Chair: Debra Martin-Back
____GACAR’s Got Talent: This is a new committee
that will plan an event to showcase our members’ talents!
2019 Chair: Ericka Gilchrist
____Global: Helps member s br eak into new mar kets;
network with other international agents to pick up tips,
listen to speakers related to international real estate, and
discover new international opportunities for GACAR
2019 Chair: Saveela Asad
____ Grievance: Reviews all ethics complaints and
requests for arbitration received by GACAR, per NAR
guidelines, and acts as the complainant when the
Committee has reason to believe a violation of the Code
of Ethics has occurred.
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Select the committee(s)/council(s) that you are
interested in and return this form to GACAR by:
Friday, November 16, 2018
Fax: (352) 331-7911
Mail: 1750 NW 80th Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32606