APPLICATION: Complete one form for each sculpture submitted (3 maximum) and all other
information required (resume, biographical and artist’s statement) must be received by January 15,
City:__________________________________ State:___________ Zip/Postal Code________________
Artist Website (optional)_______________________________________
I understand and agree to all the terms of this Call to Artist
______________________________________________________________________ _____________
Signature(s) Date
Application includes:
All applications must include one copy of the following:
o Completed and signed application form
o Artist’s statement
o Current resume (two page limit) including contact information from two references
knowledgeable about your work.
o Digital images of the sculptures being submitted for consideration
Three sculptures can be submitted for consideration
Digital images per sculpture, maximum 5, minimum 3
.jpg files, no larger than 1MB
.jpg files should be saved “Lastname_artworktitle1.jpg”, “lastname_artworktitle2.jpg”
o Annotated list of digital images submitted with sculpture title, materials, selling price,
replacement value up to $25,000 not including the artist’s time and any other information of
note, such as specifications of installation
o Height, weight and depth of sculpture
o Application materials submitted will not be returned
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