Rules of the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand
Notice of Defence in Anti-Doping Violation Proceeding/
or Notice of Wish to Participate on Sanctions
I, (name of Defendant)
of (address)
Having received a copy of the application and supporting documents advise: (please tick the appropriate box)
I wish to defend the Application.
I admit the violation but wish to participate in the Proceeding by making submissions on any sanction or
penalty which might be imposed.
I admit the violation but do not wish to participate in the hearing and acknowledge that the Tribunal may
impose a penalty on me without holding a hearing and that I will be notifi ed of any such penalty at the
above address for service.
Grounds for Defence
(to be completed if the fi rst box above has been ticked)
The grounds upon which I intend to defend the application are: (summarise the grounds)
Rules of the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand
If there is a challenge to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, please specify the grounds of the challenge:
Participation to make Submissions on Sanction
(complete if second box ticked)
My submissions as to penalty are: (submissions can be elaborated on at hearing)
A summary of the evidence which I propose to adduce in support of my submissions is:
A summary of the evidence which I will submit in support of my defence is:
Rules of the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand
The Registrar
Sports Tribunal
PO Box 3338
Ph: 0800 55 66 80
Fax: 0800 55 66 81
Email: info@sportstribunal.org.nz
Web: www.sportstribunal.org.nz
Signed Date
Instructions for Filing Defence
This form must be completed, signed and returned to the Registrar by 5.00pm within seven working
days of the service on you of the Notice of Application. A copy of the form is to be served on the
Applicant within such time. Contact details are:
(b) Please provide details of the athlete’s sporting commitments over the next 6 months below:
(c) Please provide any other information you think may be relevant about your sporting activities:
Sporting Activities Information
(a) Do you play or otherwise participate in other sports, apart from the sport to which the alleged anti-
doping violation applies? Yes No
If so please provide details of those sports below:
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