Doc# 989384 Page 1 of 2 BA Form 2M
Marquee application for building
Exceeding 100m
or to be used for a period of not more than one month
Version: 13
Date: January 2020
Code: BA Form 2M
Send or deliver your application to: Web:
Building Services, Timaru District Council, Telephone: (03) 687 7236
2 King George Place, PO Box 522, Timaru 7940 Email:
A. THE BUILDING (project location)
Street or road address of building:
Location of building within site:
different from street address)
Legal description of land where
building is located:
(state legal description as at the date of
Valuation number: Zone:
Lot: DP:
Name of owner: (include title)
Contact person:
(if different from owner)
Mailing address:
(documentation sent to)
Address for invoice:
(either postal or
Agent: (state full name, mailing address,
phone numbers and email address)
Name of contact:
Mailing address:
Mobile number: Daytime number:
Email address:
Please attach one of the following as
evidence of ownership (tick if
Copy of certificate and title
Agreement for sale and purchase
Other document showing full name of legal owner(s) of building
Signed by the owner OR on behalf of;
with authority from the owner:
Doc# 989384 Page 2 of 2 BA Form 2M
Description of function:
Applicant Please complete:
Type of function: Private Public
Number of persons attending the function:
Number of toilets:
Is a liquor licence being sought? Yes No
Caterers / food suppliers:
Marquee supplied by:
Suppliers contact phone number:
Attach Flammability Certificate to application (required):
Name of person who is erecting marquee:
Is emergency lighting provided:
(only required when more than 250 persons in attendance) Yes No
Type of heating provided:
Are evacuation procedures in place: Yes No
Fee: Invoice to owner Invoice to agent
Note: Please be aware that this application is to be processed within 20 working days in accordance with Section 48 of the Building Act
2004. Please book your inspection (once consent is approved) via Customer Services (03) 687 7200.
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