Concurrent Enrollment Permission and Registration Process
*This form is not to be used for Dual Enrollment registration. See #11
You may wish to view an online prep session that provides an explanation of this form and a discussion of what to expect
when taking classes at Shasta College.
1. Consult: with your parent/guardian and your high school counselor.
Apply: for admission online at
3. Download and Complete: the Concurrent Enrollment Permission Request. A complete form will include signatures from
the student, parent/guardian and school principal. Graduating 8
graders may obtain a signature from either the middle
school or high school principal.
4. Math Placement: Please email or submit your unofficial school transcript with this application to determine appropriate
placement. Students interested in transfer-level math need to schedule an appointment with a Shasta College counselor
at (530) 242-7724. Go to
for additional placement and pre-requisite
5. English Placement: Students in the 10
grade or below who wish to enroll in transfer level English (e.g. English 1A) or in a
class with transfer-level English as a prerequisite (e.g. Geography 8) will be required to email or submit a
writing prompt
and an unofficial transcript along with this application. A letter of recommendation is encouraged. Students in the 11
grade or above who wish to enroll in transfer level English must email or submit a copy of their unofficial high school
transcript with this application. Go to
, for additional placement and pre-
requisite information as well as the writing prompt.
6. Other Prerequisites: Many courses offered at Shasta College have prerequisites or enrollment restrictions. Please refer
to the Shasta College Catalog for additional information. Students who wish to enroll in a course that may present a safety
hazard (e.g. Welding) or an audition-based course (e.g. Shasta College Concert Orchestra) must obtain instructor approval
before attempting to register. Instructors may email approval to
7. Complete and Submit this Concurrent Enrollment Permission Request:
Consult with your school counselor and/or principal to select courses and obtain appropriate signatures. It is
advisable to select alternate courses. Completed forms and supporting documentation can be submitted in the
following ways:
Scan/Email to
Mail to Shasta College Admissions and Records, PO Box 496006, Redding, CA 96049-6006
Attn: Concurrent Enrollment
In Person to the Admissions and Records Office (Redding Campus) or at any Extended Education campus
Please allow three to five business days for processing. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL NOTIFICATION ONCE THIS
8. Online Registration: Once you have received an email confirmation, proceed with the ONLINE REGISTRATION through
MyShasta. View the Shasta College website to obtain the date and time of your registration. A short guide on how to
register for classes online is available at
9. Fees: Concurrent enrollment is defined as a high school or younger student taking college courses at a Shasta College
campus or online. The $46 per unit registration fee is waived. Concurrently enrolled students pay the Student Health Fee
and the Campus Center Fee at the time of registration. Courses may have additional textbook and material fees.
Transcripts: If you are completing a course to obtain high school credit, please request to have your Shasta College
transcripts sent to your high school. Transcript requests are available online at
11. * Dual Enrollment: Dual enrollment is defined as a high school student taking college courses at their local high school.
Dual enrolled students do not pay registration, health and campus center fees.
Rev. 3/23/2020 v7
First Name
Last Name Shasta College Student ID # Term (e.g. Fall 2020)
-mail Address (print clearly) Phone # Date of Birth
City State Zip Code
Name of High School
Grade level you will be in when semester starts
Proposed Courses. The following courses are recommended:
Course Number
(e.g. ENGL 1A)
Prerequisite Met?
Yes or N/A
Course Number
(e.g. ENGL 1A)
Prerequisite Met?
Yes or N/A
School Principal Signature (Required) ______________________________________Date __________________
By signing this form, I certify that the student’s attendance at Shasta College is in compliance with Section 48800 of the Education Code and that the
student demonstrates the ability to benefit from instruction at Shasta College. In addition, K-12 attendance is monitored to not recommend more than
5% of the total number of concurrently enrolled students in Physical Education.
Student Signature (Required) _____________________________________________ Date __________________
I understand and accept the conditions of enrollment on the back of this document. If I am under the age of 18, do not have a H.S. diploma, or the
equivalent and I’m not currently enrolled in a home school or school district, I must schedule a meeting with the AVP of Student Services.
Parent Signature (Required) ______________________________________________ Date __________________
I understand and accept the conditions of enrollment on the back of this document. Additionally, I understand that: 1) my student will be enrolling in
college courses that will be open to the entire college population; 2) it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the instructor; 3) consistent
with FERPA, Shasta College Board Policy prohibits information released without the written consent of the student; 4) courses will be taught with the
rigor appropriate to the college-level; course content is intended for adults and not altered for concurrent students; 5) the grade earned in the course
will appear on the student’s transcript and will be part of their permanent record; 6) Shasta College accepts no responsibility for extraordinary
supervision of concurrently enrolled students; 7) Shasta College is released from responsibility for the student’s class selection; and 8) concurrently
enrolled students may access student and academic supports. A list of available services is available at the Enrollment Services office. Students
attending a private “home school” where the parent is also the principal must provide a State of California Private School Affidavit. School affidavits
must be renewed each year.
High School Counselor Signature (Recommended) _____________________________Date __________________
By signing this form, I agree that the courses listed above will support the student’s academic success.
Shasta College Admissions & Records
PO Box 496006 Redding, CA 96049-6006
Proxy (Optional) I authorize _______________________________ to process this concurrent enrollment permission request and
register for classes in person at Shasta College. I understand that I am responsible for any decision made by my proxy on my behalf
and that I remain responsible for complying with the requirements of policies, deadlines, payment etc. of this registration.
Student Signature ____________________________________________________________ Date ___________________________
-----------------------------------------------Shasta College Official Use Only--------------------------------------------
Address Stu Type High School Affidavit, if needed
Staff Signature __________________________________________________________ Date __________________
________ Number of units approved by High School Principal (Required)
A student may enroll in up to 11 units per semester. During summer sessions, students are limited to 2 classes or 7 units.
(Education Code 76001 and 76002)
Rev. 3/23/2020 v7
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