This form asks the court to waive additional court fees that are not covered in
a current order. If you have not already received an order that waived or
reduced your court fees, you must complete and file a Request to Waive Court
Fees (Superior Court), form FW-001, along with this form.
Your Information (person asking the court to waive the fees):
Street or mailing address:
Phone number:
Date your last court fee waiver order, if any, was granted:
Has your financial situation improved since your last Request to Waive Court Fees?
(If yes, you must fill out a new Request to Waive Court Fees, form FW-001, and attach it to this form.)
What other fees do you want your court fee waiver order to cover? (Check all that apply):
Why do you need these other services? (Explain):
Notice: The court may order you to answer questions about your finances and later order you to pay back the waived fees.
If this happens and you do not pay, the court can make you pay the fees and also charge you collection fees. If there is a
change in your financial circumstances during this case that increases your ability to pay fees and costs, you must notify
the trial court within five days. (Use form FW-010.) If you win your case, the trial court may order the other side to pay
the fees. If you settle your civil case for $10,000 or more, the trial court will have a lien on the settlement in the amount of
the waived fees. The trial court may not dismiss the case until the lien is paid.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the information above is true and
Request to Waive Additional Court Fees
(Superior Court)
FW-002, Page 1 of 1
Judicial Council of California, www.courts.ca.gov
Revised July 1, 2015, Mandatory Form
Government Code, § 68511.3
California Rules of Court, Rule 3.51
Lawyer’s signature:
If your lawyer is not providing legal-aid type services based on your low income, you may have to go to a
hearing to explain why you are asking the court to waive the fees.
The lawyer has agreed to advance all or a portion of your fees or costs
(check one):
(If yes, your lawyer must sign here):
Your lawyer, if you have one (name, firm or affiliation, address, phone
number, and State Bar number):
Jury fees and expenses
Court-appointed interpreter fees for a witness
Fees for a peace officer to testify in court
Fees for court-appointed experts
Print your name here
Clerk stamps date here when form is filed.
Fill in court name and street address:
Superior Court of California, County of
Fill in case number and name:
Case Number:
Case Name:
Request to Waive Additional
Court Fees (Superior Court)
Sign here
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