Form 14
City Clerk’s office 303-538-7230
9500 Civic Center Drive
Thornton, Colorado 80229-4326
Current Licensee (“Licensee”):
Address of Establishment (“Address”):
Type of License Held (“License”):
City License Number:
Applicant (“Applicant”):
Any reference herein to the ("City") means the City of Thornton, Colorado,
its employees and elected and appointed officials,
the City Council of the City of Thornton and the Thornton Local Licensing Authority.
¾ WHEREAS, the "Licensee" currently holds a “License”, authorized and issued by the “City”; and
said "Applicant" has applied to the “City” for a transfer of said license; and
¾ WHEREAS, the “City” wishes to indemnify itself against any liability that may arise out of said
¾ NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of granting said applicant's request for transfer, the
undersigned expressly agrees to indemnify the “City” for, and hold the “City” harmless from, any
suit or action of any kind that is or may be brought against the “City” by the "Licensee" or their
successors, heirs or assigns, as a result of or arising out of the transfer to the "Applicant" of the
“License” held by the "Licensee" covering the premises located at “Address” in Thornton,
Applicant’s Signature Date Signed
Subscribed and sworn to before me by:
in the County of Adams, State of Colorado, this day of , 20
Notary Public:
My Commission Expires:
(authority/forms/city liquor forms/form 14/9.2004)