REVISED: 7/15/19
2019-2020 Certificate of Completion Worksheet
Emergency Medical Technician (Accelerated)
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Clark College offers a Certificate of Completion in Emergency Medical Technician (Accelerated). The EMT course is designed to
enhance job opportunities in pre-hospital emergency settings. A variety of community agencies such as ambulance companies, police
and fire departments, and large industries utilize employees with EMT training. This program includes lecture, laboratory, emergency
room observation, and field experience on an ambulance or fire rescue unit as available.
Major Area Requirements
Courses listed below are to be completed with a “C” or better.
STUDENT SIGNATURE:________________________________
ADVISOR SIGNATURE:________________________________
Complete Needed
EMT 103 is a 12-unit-hour Clark College course taught at the
Northwest Regional Training Center (NWRTC). Check the Clark
College website for directions to the training center. Students
must bring the following items to the first night of class:
Copy of current American Heart
Association Healthcare Provider
CPR card (or take HLTH 124 within first week of class)
Copy of valid driver's license
Washington State Patrol criminal background check (within six
[6] months of course date)
MMR immunization (twice in lifetime or within last 10 years)
Hepatitis B immunization (series of three) or signed waiver
Negative tuberculosis (TB) skin test or chest x-ray (within past six
[6] months)
Must be 18 years of age
Proof of high school completion (transcripts) or GED
Please call the NWRTC office at (360) 397-2100 if you
have any questions about the above requirements.
BMED 110 and 111 are strongly recommended but not
required for certificate completion.
** HEOC 100 or BIOL 164/165 must be seven years
current upon program entry.
EPC: 364M;
Plan Code:
Course textbook: Emergency Care, 12th Ed., Limmer. Available for
purchase at Clark College Bookstore.
Students will also be required to purchase a uniform at NWRTC
Students are strongly encouraged to attend the mandatory
EMT course orientation held at NWRTC - check the online
schedule of classes for dates and times.
EMT 103 Emergency Medical Technician
HEOC 100 Basic Concepts of A&P**
BIOL 164 Human Biology**
and BIOL 165 Human Biology Lab**
BMED 110 Medical Terminology I*
BMED 111 Medical Terminology II*
Advising Notes & Degree Requirements
This worksheet is only for advising purposes. Official approval of units for
degree completion is subject to approval from the Credential Evaluations Office:
Consult with an academic advisor on a regular basis for degree completion
planning. Contact the Advising Center to locate an academic advisor. Call (360)
992-2345 or visit us online at:
The Certificate of Completion is designed for students who wish to gain entry-
level skills or for those who wish to upgrade their skills in a short period of time.
Certificates of Completion typically consist of three to four courses, requiring
twenty (20) or less units. They are awarded by the department with the
approval of the program advisory committee and the Office of Instruction. The
courses can be taken simultaneously or individually as your schedule allows.
These certificates are not awarded a standard Clark College diploma.
Courses do not always follow numbering sequence, please refer to for prerequisites.
Short-Term Plan:
Certificate of Completion (CC)
The Certificate of Completion is designed for students who wish to receive specialized occupational training for a specific
career objective. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 to receive this certificate.