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Oklahoma Quarterly Wage Withholding Tax Return
Taxpayer Copy/Worksheet
Revised 11-2019
Instructions for completing Oklahoma Quarterly Wage Withholding Tax Return
Use this worksheet to calculate tax, then enter the figures on the coupon below.
When to File
All returns are due quarterly on or before the 20th day
of the month following each calendar quarter.
When to Pay
If the amount withheld is less than $500 per quarter,
submit payment with this return. If the amount with-
held exceeds $500 per quarter, submit monthly pay-
ment with payment coupon WTH-10004. This return
is to be used to report the accumulative total for the
If ling by paper, make checks or money orders pay-
able to the Oklahoma Tax Commission and mail with
your return to: (This address is for payments ONLY)
Oklahoma Tax Commission
Post Office Box 26920
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0920
Do NOT mail correspondence to the address above.
1. Wages Paid
2. Tax Withheld
3. Interest (+)
4. Penalty (+)
5. Total (=)
F. Out of BusinessE. Address Change
Do not tear or cut below line
G. Amended
Date Out
of Business: ____________________
Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ________________
- - - - - - - - - - - Dollars - - - - - - - - -
- Cents -
- - - - - - - - Dollars - - - - - - -
- Cents -
H. Number of Employees:
A. Taxpayer FEIN
Oklahoma Quarterly Wage Withholding Tax Return
D. Filing Frequency
C. Due DateB. Quarter Ending
A. Taxpayer FEIN B. Quarter Ending C. Due Date
City State ZIP
If you must contact us in writing, include your Name and
Account Number, and mail your correspondence to:
Oklahoma Tax Commission
2501 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73194
Specific Item Instructions
ITEM E. (Address Change) - Check Box E to notify us
of address change. Write new address in section E.
ITEM F. (Out of Business) - If this is your last return as
an employer, check Box F and give the Date Out of
ITEM G. (Amended Return) - Check to correct a
previously led return. In Item B include the reporting
period you are amending. Enter total corrected
amounts on lines 1, 2 and 5 of the return and not the
amount of the adjustment.
ITEM H. (Number of Employees) - Enter the number of
employees for this ling period on the line provided.
Specific Line Instructions
LINE 1. (Wages Paid) - Enter the total Oklahoma
wages paid this quarter.
LINE 2. (Tax Withheld) - Enter the amount of
Oklahoma Income Tax withheld from the wages of
your employees this quarter.
LINE 3. (Interest) - A bill will be issued after return is
posted to account. Interest is calculated by 1.25%
for each month on the unpaid tax liability and returns
not postmarked on or before their due date.
LINE 4. (Penalty) - A bill will be issued after return is
posted to account. If this return or any payment is
led after the due date, multiply the amount on line
2 by 10%.
LINE 5. (Total) - Total the amounts on lines 2 through
4 and enter on line 5.
1. Wages Paid _______________________ . ______
2. Tax Withheld _______________________ . ______
3. Interest (+) _______________________ . _______
4. Penalty (+) _______________________ . _______
5. Total (=) _______________________ . _______