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William Carey University Drug Testing Consent Form
To Student-Athletes of William Carey University
You must sign this form to participate (1.e., practice or compete) in intercollegiate athletics at William
University. Failure to sign the consent form will result in immediate rescinding of your Athletic
by the Director of Athletics.
Drug Testing Consent
You agree to allow William Carey University to drug test you in order to participate in
intercollegiate athletics programs offered by WCU.
You understand and agree that this consent and the results of your drug tests, if any, will be
disclosed to the Vice President of Student Services, the Director of Athletics, Head Coach
of your
sport, the athletic trainer, and the President of the University.
You agree to disclose your drug testing results only for the purposes related to your eligibility
participation in regular season and post-season competition and referral for counseling and
You affirm that you understand that if you sign this statement falsely or erroneously, you
the William Carey University Athletic Department policies and procedures and you
will further
jeopardize your eligibility.
You understand that if you are under the age of eighteen (a minor), you must have this form
signed by a parent or legal guardian.
You agree to follow all criteria outlined in the William Carey University Drug Testing Policy.
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Date Signature of Student-Athlete
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Date Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian (if student-athlete is a minor)
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Name of Student-Athlete (PRINTED) Date of Birth
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