University of Vermont
Graduate Student Assistant or Fellow Offsite Research Work Agreement
Applies to graduate students with a research focused assistantship or fellowship and postdoctoral fellows:
Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Graduate Assistant (GA), or Predoctoral Fellow (PreDF) and Postdoctoral
Fellow (PostDF) on University Training Grant or Individual Fellowship.
This Agreement defines parameters
for laboratory researchers to work offsite.
This Agreement is temporary and in response to Covid-19. The agreement applies for 30 days from original
signing or until the University Administration determines that normal business operations are restored,
whichever comes first. If there is a need to continue offsite work due to Covid-19 after 30 days the project(s)
component of this Agreement must be updated by the advisor and, if off site work remains feasible, the advisor
and student will sign with a new date and send a copy to the Dean of the Graduate College.
These conditions for offsite work must be agreed upon by the student or PostDF, the advisor, the
Dean/Director/Department Head (or designee) of the student’s or PostDF’s advisor and the Dean of the
Graduate College in order to take effect. If a student is in a program with research rotations and has not selected
a formal dissertation or thesis advisor, then the Faculty Program Director/Coordinator will act as the advisor for
this Agreement.
GRA/GA/PreDF/PostDF Name: ____________________________________________________
GRA/GA/PreDF/PostDF UVM email address: _________________________________________
For students, name of Graduate Program and degree level (masters, doctoral):
Advisor’s Name ___________________________________________________________
Advisor’s UVM email address: _______________________________________________
Source of Funding _____ UVM General Fund source Describe:
_____ Faculty Research Grant PI:
_____ UVM Training Grant PI:
_____ Individual Fellowship Grant Student or PostDF is PI
_____ Other source Describe:
The student/PostDF will work at (street address, city, zip code) and, in addition to UVM email, will be accessible by
(check all that apply):
______ Phone (list number) ______________________________
______Text (list number) ______________________________
______ Additional e-mail address (provide) ______________________________
The project(s) on which the student or PostDF will work during the offsite Agreement are:
Check all
that apply
Description and deliverable
Develop Grant Proposal
Prepare Manuscript(s)
Data Analysis and write up
Literature review
Describe new research protocol
(from literature)
exam preparation
exam completion
Prepare thesis or dissertation
Defend thesis or dissertation
Write thesis or dissertation
Complete thesis or dissertation
Defend thesis or dissertation
Advisor and student/PostDF agree to check in at regular intervals (not less than a week apart) by Zoom, Teams
or other mutually acceptable format to provide advice and appropriate support, and to discuss and assure
appropriate progress is being made.
Lab meetings between student/PostDF, advisor and other members of the team will occur as required by the
If any onsite work will be required during this period because the student or PostDF is considered essential to
an approved essential activity, please check here _______ and include evidence that the requirement has been
approved by of the faculty member’s Dean/Director/Chair.
Any Student Accessibility Services accommodations in place should be addressed for consideration in the
offsite environment and addressed here in this document:
I agree to the duties, obligations, responsibilities and conditions for offsite work described above. I understand
that management may terminate this arrangement at any time.
Student or PostDF Signature ______________________________________________ Date ________
Advisor’s signature ______________________________________________________ Date ________
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Dean or Chair signature _________________________________________________ Date ________
(of the faculty)
Dean of the Graduate College Signature _____________________________________ Date ________
Verified electronic signatures are accepted. Open form in your PDF viewer rather than your browser window. If you
do not have the appropriate software for this fillable version, please print and complete.
Send Completed form to Dean Forehand;
; or Graduate College, 330 Waterman
Building, University of Vermont
For a full time GRA or GA (0.5FTE), the student’s research position related effort expectation is 20 hours/week in
addition to effort related to their studies (3 hours/credit hour per week). For a full time PreDF (1.0 FTE), the
student’s fellowship effort expectation is 40 hours/week , which will be a combination of effort related to their
studies (3 hours/credit hour per week) and effort related to their research. For a full time PostDF (1.0 FTE), the
fellowship effort expectation is 40 hours/week.
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