University of Arkansas Travel Card Agreement for Employee
Congratulations! You have been granted the privilege of having a University of Arkansas Travel Card (TCard). Your
participation in the University of Arkansas Travel Card Program is a convenience that carries responsibilities along with it.
Although this card is issued in your name, it IS University property and must be used with good judgment. By signing this
Agreement, you acknowledge that you understand and will comply with all University of Arkansas Travel Card
guidelines, as listed below.
I, as an authorized and approved cardholder, have been trained, fully understand, and agree to the following terms and
conditions regarding the use and safekeeping of the travel card (TCard) entrusted to me:
I accept full personal responsibility for the safekeeping of the TCard assigned to me.
I understand that if I am an Administrative TCard holder, the Cardholder Delegation Form should be used
when I have allowed another person to utilize my card.
If I have a Traveler TCard, all charges are ONLY associated directly to the cardholder.
I will be making financial commitments on behalf of the University of Arkansas and will obtain fair and
reasonable prices following University of Arkansas Travel Policy and State of Arkansas Travel Regulations.
My Expense Report is to be processed within 15 working days after the return of the trip for individual
domestic travel. Domestic group and individual international trips are to be processed within 30 calendar
days after return from the trip. Allowances of up to 60 calendar days after the return of the trip are
allowed for international group trips and with written approval by the Travel Office for complex domestic
group trips (i.e.; bowl game event or other extended group trip) on a case by case basis.
If I use my Traveler TCard for lodging, meals, car rental, or other travel related expenses, I understand that
I am responsible for repayment of any remaining balance due, immediately upon my Expense Report
being processed by the Travel Office.
If I fail to repay any reimbursable amount, not allowable, the University is authorized to withhold the full
amount from any payment(s) due me from the University, including payroll checks, as repayment.
I will not use the TCard for non-University of Arkansas related travel expenses, unauthorized purchases, or
for personal purchases.
I will immediately report the theft or loss of my TCard to Bank of America by phone at 1-888-449-52273
AND the University of Arkansas Travel Card Administrator at 479-575-5867.
I understand the use of the TCard does not exempt me from travel requirements as set forth in University of
Arkansas policy and procedures, State of Arkansas Travel Regulations and the TCard guidelines.
I understand I cannot use the TCard as a financial reference to obtain personal credit cards or loans.
I understand I am personally responsible for obtaining ALL original detailed receipts and submitting them
in accordance with University of Arkansas TCard procedures when required.
I understand any purchases made by me may be recorded and reviewed in management reports, to ensure
compliance with University of Arkansas Travel policies and TCard guidelines.
I understand failure to follow any of the above listed terms & conditions and/or if found to have misused the
TCard in any manner may result in:
Revocation of the privilege to use the TCard.
Disciplinary action.
Termination of employment, and/or criminal charges being filed with the appropriate authority.
I agree to surrender the TCard immediately upon request or upon termination of employment for any reason.
(please print)
hereby accept the above terms and conditions and acknowledge receipt of the TCard.
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Revised 10/2020
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