U.S. Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions Activity Form
(Please provide the name of your business here.) will strive to reduce food loss and waste
in its
operations by 50 percent by 2030 through activities targeting the prevention of food loss and
waste before it arises, recovery of wholesome, otherwise wasted food for donation, and recycling
of food loss and waste to other uses such as animal feed, compost and energy generation
(Please provide the name of your business here.) will report periodically on its progress on
meeting its goal on its website at (Please provide your website here.)
Specific food loss and waste reduction activities include:
Please provide examples in this box.
Point of Contact:
Name of Business:
Please return this form to FoodWasteChallenge@oce.usda.gov or Ms. Lana Suarez of the EPA at
The 50-percent reduction could be calculated on an absolute or per customer/consumer basis. In
addition, the exact definition of food loss and waste could vary by country, business and consumer. The
Food Loss and Waste Protocol provides information on defining and transparently measuring food loss
and waste. Businesses are also invited to join the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge to access technical
assistance for measuring food waste and assessing the positive environmental benefits of waste reduction.
Businesses that are not ready to make the 50-percent reduction commitment but are engaged in efforts
to reduce food loss and waste in their operations can be recognized for their efforts by joining the EPA's
Food Recovery Challenge. Businesses that join the EPA's Food Recovery Challenge will be able to
access technical assistance to help set their own quantitative food-waste goals and to measure waste