This course is intended for students who wish to advance their knowledge and/or research skills in an area of
psychology not covered in other courses. In this course, students may (a) read intensively in a specialized area,
(b) conduct psychological research, and/or (c) obtain field experience in community institutions where
psychological principles are applied.
PSYC 4503 is available for one, two, and three hour sections, for a total of six hours per semester. PSYC 4504 is
available for three hour sections only. PSYC 4503 and 4504 may be repeated for a combined total of nine hours
to be used toward graduation. PSYC 4503 is generally used for students to participate in a research lab, while
PSYC 4504 is generally used for independent research.
Students may enroll in any number of hours from one to six hours each semester. Fifty (50) hours of work is
required for each hour of credit earned. For example, 150 hours is needed to complete a three-hour course.
PSYC 4503 and 4504 may be designated as honor sections. Please note if an honors section is requested.
Psychology Honors Program students MUST defend the thesis proposal by the end of their PSYC 4504 course.
Students Name:_______________________________________ ID#:____________________________
Mailing Address:______________________________________ City:____________________________
State: _____ Zip: _______ Email: _______________@memphis.edu Phone #: ____________________
Course Number: _________________ Credit Hours: ________ Semester: _________ Year: _________
Instructor of Record: _______________________Instructor’s UID # ____________________________
Field Supervisor: ___________________________
Date work will begin: ___________& end ___________ Project Title: ____________________________
In the space below, briefly specify the activities required for completion of the course. The courses listed above
are graded with a regular letter grade or IP (In Progress). See the paragraph on Grading on the reverse for more
Student Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: __________________
This form must be returned to the Instructor of Record (faculty member) for a grade to be posted.
Faculty Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: __________________
For Office Use: Call Number: __________ Section Number: ______ Permit Entered: _____________
Grading: PSYC 4503 and 4504 receive S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) grades. If the course requirements
are not fulfilled during the semester in which the student is enrolled in the course, the student will receive a grade
if I (Incomplete). Change of Grade forms must be turned in to the Office of the Registrar.
After this contract is completed, and signed by the student and faculty member below, it must be returned to the
Academic Advising & Resource Center (AARC) in the Psychology Department (room 205). A section will be
created and a permit will be entered. The original contract will be available in the AARC for the student to pick
up. Once the permit is entered, the student must register for the course to be enrolled and receive course credit.
Student Responsibilities
Contract Initiation
To initiate a contract and enroll in the course, select a faculty supervisor and discuss and agree upon the activities
required to complete the project. This learning contract must be approved prior to the semester in which the
project is to be conducted.
You are expected to devote 50 hours of work for every credit hour you receive. For example, to receive 3 hours
of credit you must work 150 hours total. This is equivalent to eight to ten hours per week during a regular 15
week semester and 30 hours per week during a five-week summer term.
Once a permit is issued, the student must activate the permit by registering for the course.
Contract Completion
At the end of the semester, the contract and log of hours should be signed by the field supervisor* (if applicable)
and given to the faculty member issuing the grade. The faculty member may keep this contract for their records.
Certification of course work completion: ______________________________________________
Field Supervisor’s* Signature (if applicable)
*A Field Supervisor can be a graduate student or a project supervisor off campus. If the student does not
work directly with the faculty member who will issue the grade, the Field Supervisor completes this area
and forwards it to the faculty member (instructor of record) to issue the grade.
Grade to be Issued: _________________ Date: __________________
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