Name of Event: __________________________________________________________________ Estimated Attendance: ______________________
Type of Event: Lobby Table Bake Sale Meeting/Lecture Banquet/Awards Ceremony Fundraiser Other __________________________
Date Preference: _________________________________________________ 2
Date Preference: _______________________________________
Is this request for a recurring event (multiple dates)? No Yes If YES, please list all event dates in detailed description.
Indicate Event Location: O-Campus - Complete the “OFF-CAMPUS” Activity Request Form (obtain from the Student Life Oce)
On-Campus - Building/Room: (1
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Event Start Time: _______________ Event End Time: __________________Set-up Time: ________________ Clean-up Time: _________________
Event Participants: (check all that apply) Organization Members Only On-Campus Community O-Campus Public
Will there be ticket sales? No Yes, $ _________________ charged for pre-sale tickets and $ ______________________ charged for gate tickets.
How will funds be used? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Event Description: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Indicate Set-up: eater/Classroom Square U-Shape Workshop Banquet Round Banquet Long
List set-up and audio visual needs: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Will food and/or beverage be served? No Yes** If yes, will alcohol be served? No Yes**
**Sodexo must provide services for events open to participants other than your organizations members and when alcohol is served.
Have you contacted Sodexo Food Services? Yes No
Provide a complete description of food/beverage planned for the event: _______________________________________________________________
Student Activities and Fundraiser Request
Individuals needing ADA
accommodations contact
(985) 448-4783 or visit
** Submit to the Reservations Oce in Student Life 2 WEEKS before the event. **
_____ New Request
_____ Revised Request
Aer chain of command approvals are obtained, submit this form to the Reservations Oce at least two weeks prior to the event date. e Reserva-
tions Oce will continue the routing process (including the Calendar Review Board if needed). Once all approvals are obtained, you will receive an
email stating that the event is “CONFIRMED.” You may begin advertising once the event is CONFIRMED.
_________________________________________ _________________________________________
Student Life Ocer Date Reservations Oce Date
Routing: _____Maintenance _____ gRounds _____univeRsity Police ______3
PaRty location
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