For more information, contact the
PCC Institute for Health Professionals.
1626 SE Water Ave Portland OR 97214
971.722.6633 | climbhealth@pcc.edu
Pharmacy Technician Application
Program Description
Pharmacy Technicians work in a fast-paced health
environment under the direction of a pharmacist.
IHP’s Pharmacy Technician Program combines online
learning with onsite lab practicums at the CLIMB
Center. This course prepares students to take the
Pharmacy Technician Certication Board’s PTCB
exam. Visit www.ptcb.org for more info.
Course content includes:
Medical terminology specic to pharmacy.
Reading and interpreting prescriptions.
Dening drugs by generic and brand names.
Students will learn about dosage calculations
and conversions, dispensing prescriptions, and
inventory control.
NOTE: To work in the State of Oregon, you must apply to be
approved as a Pharmacy Technician. Please be advised that
certain convictions may prevent license issuance. Please
contact the Oregon Board of Pharmacy if you have any
questions in regards to their application and background
check prior to joining the program. The Oregon Board of
Pharmacy can be reached at 503.731.4032 or on their website,
2 terms, 160 hours, about 6 months to complete.
$3,140.00, excluding books. Tuition is due at the
time of registration, or students may set
up a 3-month payment plan with the Portland
Community College Student Account Services For
Information about the payment plan, please visit the
PCC payment plan web-page.
Attend a Pharmacy Technician Free
Informational Session to learn more
about the program, job placement
and internship opportunities.
Informational Session:
6pm on Thursday, February 27th, 2020
at the PCC CLIMB Center
Applications Due:
Monday, March 2nd, 2020
Mail or deliver required documents
and this application form to:
Attn: Pharmacy Technician
PCC Institute for Health Professionals
1626 SE Water Ave
Portland, OR 97214
Late or incomplete applications will
not be accepted.
Dates to Remember
Send Application Materials
spring, 2020
For more information, contact the
PCC Institute for Health Professionals.
1626 SE Water Ave Portland OR 97214
971.722.6633 | climbhealth@pcc.edu
Pharmacy Technician Application Packet Checklist
Check O Documents
We require the following documentation to be
submitted for consideration into the program.
Do not submit original documents.
Math 95 or above. Transcript or math placement
test result is accepted
Writing 115 or above. Transcript or writing
placement test result is accepted.
COPY of High school completion or GED
certificate. A College or University degree can
Answer and submit the following:
What does a Pharmacy Technician do
and why do you want to be a Pharmacy
Imagine you have a patient who is very upset
when you inform them that their insurance
doesn’t cover their medication. How would
you handle the situation?
Students must pass a background
check and drug screen in order to
participate in the clinical portion of
this course or apply for the board
exam. Please contact the Oregon
Board of Pharmacy if you have any
questions regarding the background
check requirement prior to applying.
Make sure you have included
all requested materials before
submitting your application.
Incomplete or late applications will
not be accepted.
Submitting a registration form does
not signify or guarantee that you will
be registered or accepted into the
Pharmacy Technician program.
You must be age 18 when class
Background Check
Please Keep in Mind
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Part B: Student Information
Part C: Registration Confirmation
My enrollment with Portland Community College will signify my consent to and acceptance of all policies and procedures governing my enrollment, including financial liability.
If I fail to remit payment when due, I will promise to pay to PCC all reasonable costs for collection, including collection agency fees.