The Tennessee Public Records Act (TPRA) grants Tennessee citizens the right to access open public records that
exist at the time of the request. The TPRA does not require records custodians to compile information or create or
recreate records that do not exist.
To: Human Resources Director, Cookeville City Hall, 45 E. Broad Street, Cookeville, Tennessee 38501
From: _____________________________ _______________ _____________________________________
Requestor’s Name Phone Street Address, City, Zip Code
Is the requestor a Tennessee citizen? Yes No
Request: Inspection (The TPRA does not permit fees or require a written request for
inspection only.
If costs for copies are assessed, the requestor has a right to receive an estimate. Do you
wish to waive your right to an estimate and agree to pay copying and duplication costs in
an amount not to exceed
$ ? If so, initial here: .
Delivery preference: On-Site Pick-Up USPS First-Class Mail
Electronic Other:
Records Requested:
Provide a detailed description of the record(s) requested, including: (1) type of record; (2) timeframe or
dates for the records sought; and (3) subject matter or key words related to the records. Under the TPRA,
record requests must be sufficiently detailed to enable a governmental entity to identify the specific records
sought. As such, your record request must provide enough detail to enable the records custodian responding
to the request to identify the specific records you are seeking.
__________________________ _________________________________________ __________________
Signature of Requestor & Date Submitted Signature of Public Records Request Coordinator Date Received
Note, Tenn. Code Ann. § 10-7-504(a) (20) (C) permits charging for redaction of private records of a utility.
45 E. Broad Street, Cookeville, Tennessee 38501
Requestor’s Name Phone Street Address, City, Zip Code
In response to your records request received on , our office is taking the action(s)
below: Date/Time Request Received
The public record(s) responsive to your request will be made available for inspection:
Location: __________________________________________________
Date & Time: _______________________________________________
Copies of public record(s) responsive to your request are:
Available for pickup at the following location:
_______________________________________________________________; or
Being delivered via:
USPS First-Class Mail Electronically Other: ________________
Your request is denied on the following grounds:
Your request was not sufficiently detailed to enable identification of the specific requested
record(s). You need to provide additional information to identify the requested record(s).
No such record(s) exists or this office does not maintain record(s) responsive to your request.
No proof of Tennessee citizenship was presented with your request. Your request will be
reconsidered upon presentation of an adequate form of identification.
You are not a Tennessee citizen.
You have not paid the estimated copying/production fees.
The following state, federal, or other applicable law prohibits disclosure of the requested records:
It is not practicable for the records you requested to be made promptly available for
inspection and/or copying because:
It has not yet been determined that records responsive to your request exist; or
The office is still in the process of retrieving, reviewing, and/or redacting the requested records.
The time reasonably necessary to produce the record(s) or information and/or to make a determination of a proper
response to your request is: ______________________________________________________.
If you have any additional questions regarding your record request, please contact the Human Resources Director at
(931) 520-5256 or .
Records Custodian