Operating Licence / Construction Permit
Application Form
The Environmental Authority
P.O. Box HM 834, Hamilton HM CX, Bermuda. Phone: 239 2303
Application for a Construction Permit ; Operating Licence ; or Both for each Controlled Plant
Number Street (or PO Box Number) Parish Postal Code
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Complete this section if you are acting on behalf of the owner. (NOTE: section above must be fully completed):
Number Street (or PO Box Number) Parish Postal Code
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Assessment Number: OS Map No/Grid Ref:
(supplied by office)
Planning Application submitted: Yes: No: Planning Application Number:
Manufacturer: Model:
Proposed Installation Date: Plant Capacity:
Types/Amounts of Emissions to Air:
Air Pollution Control Devices Installed:
Other Types of Emissions from Plant:
Daily Times of Operation: Total Hours of Operation (Hrs/Month):
Stack Height: Above Ground Level (m): Above Building Eaves (m):
Chemicals Used (Type / Amounts per yr):
Nominated Operator/Maintainer (Yes/No/Name):
Please attach additional information where possible: Site Plan: Manufacturers Information:
Rated capacity (b-kW): US EPA/CFR Tier Rating:
Fuel Type: Proposed Sulphur Content of Fuel:
1RLVH0RGHOOLQJ,QFOXGHG<1: Exhaust Silencer Grade:
Rated Noise Level at metre (dBA): With Silencer: Without Silencer:
OFFICE USE: 89100.8457
Construction Permit # CP Fee ($200/plant):
Operating Licence #
Validation No. Date:
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April 2018
Type of Sewage Treatment Plant:
Type of Screening/Pre-Treatment:
Frequency of Removal (vol./month): Screenings: Sludge:
Estimated Flow: Black water (igpd): Grey water (igpd):
Other Waste Waters (Type / igpd):
Designed Dissolved Oxygen
(ppm): Air Flow Rate (m
Grease Trap (Type / Capacity):
A Water Right application is required for disposal of treated water to borehole. Water Right applied for Yes: No:
Design range of dissolved oxygen within aerobic stage of the sewage treatment process (if applicable).
I am the owner of the Controlled Plant: I am the Agent* for the Controlled Plant:
I am the owner of the site where the Controlled Plant will be operated:
Name: __________________________ Signature: ____________________ Date: ___________
*If the application form is signed by anyone other than the owner of the controlled plant (e.g. an agent), this application
must be accompanied by a letter signed by the owner stating that he/she is aware that the application is being made.
Information on Construction Permit & Operating Licence Applications
This application is only for an Operating Licence of a Controlled Plant in compliance with the requirements of
the Clean Air Act 1991. Before an Operating Licence (i.e. this form) can be granted a Construction Permit
(i.e. also this form) is required to locate the Controlled Plant at a particular site. A separate application to
the Department of Planning for planning permission and a building permit for the use and operation of the
controlled plant must be submitted to and approved by the Development Applications Board prior to any use
and operation of the controlled plant in compliance with the Development and Planning Act 1974 and the
Building Act 1988. Required approvals from other appropriate Government Departments must also be secured
prior to the operation of the plant.
Please submit the completed form together with the application fees at the top right of this form per plant to
the PO Box above or to the Department of Environment & Natural Resources, Botanical Gardens, 169 South
Road, Paget DV-04. Cheques should be made payable to the Accountant General. Alternatively, payment
may be made at the Cashiers, Ground Floor, Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street,
Hamilton HM 12.
Types of Controlled Plants legislated under the Clean Air Act 1991:
(a) a facility for the manufacture of –
(i) asphalt or ready-mixed concrete; or
(ii) chemical, stone, clay, glass, cement or lime products or fertilisers or animal by-products;
(b) a facility for the production or processing of metal or of organic or inorganic chemicals, or for the
processing of wood or wood products;
(c) a facility for the crushing, processing, or transfer of gravel, stone, sand or soil;
(d) a facility for the treatment or disposal of sewage;
(e) a facility for the drying of hay or forage, or for the production of compost;
(f) a facility which generates electricity or steam;
(g) an incinerator;
(ga) a facility for the spray painting of vehicles or machinery;
(gb) a facility for the dry cleaning of apparel;
(gc) a facility using non-portable internal combustion engines (excluding motor vehicle engines) such as
compressors and gas or diesel powered pumps.
(h) a facility for the storage, treatment or disposal of hazardous materials (as defined in regulations);
(i) a facility for burning, or a pyre consisting of, prohibited debris (as defined in regulations);
(j) any other thing declared by regulations to be a controlled plant for the purposes of this Act.
If You Have Any Queries
Please contact Patricia Hollis (239-2303), Dr Shaun Lavis (239-2318) or Dr Geoffrey Smith (239-2356) for further
information or email PollutionControl@gov.bm or visit www.gov.bm for forms and legislation.