Meeting Request Form
DelDOT Development Coordination
Please call (302) 760-2266 if you need assistance. Thank you.
Date of request: ____ / _____ /______
Required Information
In an effort to improve efficiency and prepare for meetings, please complete the requested information below and
attach this form in the PDCA. Items Highlighted below are required information for all meetings.
*Legal Counsel:
*Please be advised that the attendance of attorneys or legal counsel to meetings will require advanced coordination to ensure that
DelDOT’s legal r
epresentation can attend, otherwise meetings can only be held absent legal counsel for all parties.
6. Dates Available to Meet (Minimum Three Dates):
7. DelDOT Subdivision Reviewer (Statewide Plan Review Map):
8. Plans: Depending on the purpose of the meeting, plans or exhibits may be helpful to allow for a productive meeting.
Forward pdfs of applicable plans or exhibits with this form when requesting the meeting. Plans Attached: Y / N
9. Additional Sections or DelDOT Personnel Requested *if project is located on the CCPP, Tom Felice needs to be
10. Anticipated Meeting Duration:
11. Additional Comments:
Pre-Submittal Meeting: Please complete and attach the required information below (Items A through D), including the
following documents and this Meeting Request Form via the PDCA
A. Conceptual Site Plan Attached: Y / N
B. Trip Generation Diagram(s) based upon the current sample on the DelDOT website: Attached:
*Top 10 Most Frequently Seen Errors (Differentiating between Existing / Proposed ADT and provide Site Total
ADT for all concurrent site uses). Y / N
C. Auxiliary Lane Worksheet Attached: Y / N
D. Design Criteria Form Attached:
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Revised 6/8/20
Project Name:
New Project: Y / N For All projects, a Pre-Submittal Meeting is required prior to making a formal plan
submittal for review of a Commercial or Subdivision Entrance along the State roadway network .
Tax Parcel I.D.:
Purpose of Meeting:
External Attendees (include yourself):
Yes or No
Meeting Purpose
Yes or No
Subdivision Reviewer
Yes or No
Yes or No
Yes or No
Yes or No
Pre-Submittal discussions will also include these general topics & design elements.
1. Entrance Location & Type:
a. Site Plan Submittal Requirements for Major plans (Section 3.4.2)
b. Site Entrance (Preliminary Entrance PlanSection 3.4.3)
c. Traffic Information, Adjacent Entrances, Existing Roadway Features, Cross Access Easements and Interconnections.
d. Corridor Capacity Preservation Program *Tom Felice needs to be included
2. ADT: Areawide Study Fee/Letter or TIS/TOA
3. Design Elements:
a. ROW (Section, Easements (Sections 3.2, 3.2.5, 5.4,, Fig. 3.2.1-a. & 3.2.5-a), Stormwater setbacks (20ft)
(Section 5.8), Sight Distance (use Intersection Sight Distance Worksheet (Section 5.4), Culverts (Section
b. Auxiliary Lane and Bike Lanes
c. Frontage Improvements, lane and shoulder widths, paving limits and detour plans
d. TIS/TOA/offsite requirements, if applicable
e. Level of Investment Area - Sidewalk or SUP along frontage
f. Coordination requirements with Capital projects
g. Transit Facilities requirements and locations, if required
4. Phasing of Site Development and TIS Improvements
5. Agreements: Inspection (Chapter 6), Signal (Chapter 2) & Letter Agreements (Chapter 2)
6. Signal Design (Section 5.13)
7. Noise Analysis (Section 3.6)
Refer to the DelDOT Development Coordination
Manual for additional guidance.
Please Note: While DelDOT personnel intend to provide the best available direction at pre-submittal
project coordination meetings, all final decisions are contingent on the design details and pertinent
facts as provided in a formal submission.
ost Meeting Use
and Action Items:
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Revised 6/8/20