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Please follow the AS499 Instructions when completing this document. Request Date ____________________
Host Individual/Group
Host’s Department
Phone E-mail
Date of Event
Time of Event
Event Location
6 Campus Catered Event Yes No
Other ___________________________
Caterer: Chartwells
(Caterer name must be provided)
# of Guests Invited
Type of Meal
Breakfast* Lunch* Dinner*
Buffet Reception - Dinner* Reception Refreshments
*Guest List including name, organization & affiliation with LSU is required.
8 What is the Menu?
Estimated Cost
Per Person** # Guests # Days Total Cost
**For meals that exceed the state allowance, the overage amount should be paid with private or Foundation funds.
Please indicate how the overage will be paid: Personal Check Foundation Acct # _____________________
Program __________________ Project __________________ Gift __________________ Add'l Worktags ___________________
Grant * ____________________________
*Please make sure special meals charged to sponsored programs are allowable expenses on the sponsored program
prior to making any arrangements and/or obtaining departmental approval.
Spend Category __________________________________
Event's Purpose/ Benefit
to LSU
Guest List
Note: 1) Reimbursement for alcohol on University funds is prohibited.
2) The use of the LaCarte card to purchase alcohol is prohibited.
Requesting Dept
Dean/Director or Dept
Rev 11/19
AS499, “Request for Approval of Special Meal”
The AS499 form should be completed and approved by the department prior to the event. The AS499 form should be attached to the
invoice, expense report or America To Go (ATG) requisition in Workday. If the special meal is not in compliance, the department will
be contacted to discuss how the payment will be handled.
For University guests, only one special meal can be reimbursed at the special meal rate.
If multiple meals must be provided for a guest, the subsequent meals will be reimbursed at the per diem rate for the guest only and there is no
reimbursement provision for employees attending the subsequent meal, including the host employee.
The number of employees attending the special meal should be kept to a minimum.
1 - 6 Self-explanatory.
7 # of Guests Invited – The number of persons invited to the event must be provided.
Type of Meal to be provided – These maximum allowances (per person) according to PM-13 must be adhered to:
1. Meals (sit-down or buffet) - must comply with PM-13 Special Meal criteria
$15 - Breakfast $20 - Lunch $20 - Buffet reception-Dinner $35 – Dinner
Note: 1) A Guest List including name, organization & affiliation with LSU must be provided for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and
Buffet Reception - Dinner.
2) Reimbursement for alcohol on University funds is prohibited.
3) The use of the LaCarte card to purchase alcohol is prohibited.
2. Refreshments (limited to beverages and snack per morning & afternoon session)
Self-catered & catered events - $5.50 per person
3. Receptions (beverages & finger foods) - $8 per person
8 & 9 Self-explanatory.
Note: If the meal exceeds the state allowance, the overage must be paid with private or Foundation funds.
10 FDM worktag: Program, Project, Gift, Grant, Spend Category – This form should be used only for events paid from University funds.
If the event is to be paid with Foundation funds this form is not required. Such payment requests should be submitted to the LSU
Foudation on a Foundation check request, Form AS421. Also, special meals paid from registration fees using "Special Meals funded by
participant registration SC0013" Spend category are not subject to the special meal allowances referenced in PM-13, University Travel
11 Event’s Purpose/Benefit to LSU – Event must meet one of the four special meal criteria, referenced in PM-13. If the event is a retreat,
a formal agenda must be attached to the AS499 form as supporting documentation.
When Chartwells, known as LSU Dining, is the caterer and the invoice is not submitted for payment by the requesting department within 30 days of the
invoice date, University Auxiliary Services (UAS) has the authority to use the approved AS499 form as authorization to submit the delinquent invoice for
payment. The department's FDM Worktag indicated in Box #10 will be charged.
The AS499 form should be approved by either the department head (or his/her designee) or the person with fiscal authority for the event prior to the
Rev 11/19