Graduate School Signature ____________________________________________ Date _______________
GRD 650 or GRD 699 Registration Request
Students who have completed all required coursework but must complete program requirements (comprehensive exam, IP, or IN) to graduate,
must enroll in GRD 650. Students who only need to meet the continuous registration requirement for graduation must enroll in GRD 699.
2. This form must be completed before a student can be registered for GRD 650 or GRD 699 by the Graduate School. If the student is registering
after registration deadline for requested term, a Late Add Request form must accompany this form.
3. The student must get the Graduate Coordinator’s signature before bringing form to the Graduate School.
4. A grade of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) will be given at the end of the term.
Name:___________________________________________________________ ID No.________________
I am registering for the following semester (enter the year of the appropriate term):
____ Fall ____ January Interim ____ Spring ____ May 3-week Interim
____ May 8-week Interim _
___ Summer 1 Session ____ Summer 2 Session
____ Summer Online (students in all online programs only)
I am registering for ____GRD 650.
You will be charged a $100 reg
istration fee for this course.
Student Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ____
Graduate Coordinator Signature ________________________________________ Date _______________
1501 W. Bradley Ave., Peoria, IL 61625
(309) 677-2375
Reason for registering for GRD 650 (check the most appropriate):
____ Thesis
____ Comprehensive Exam
____ Completing IP or IN for course number: _______ (contract must be on file with the Graduate
____ Continuous registration requirement only (please explain below)
May 2019
I am registering for ____GRD 699*.
*International students planning to enroll in GRD 699 should contact the Office of International Student and Scholar
Services in Bradley Hall 215
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