Confidential Information
The following documents contain confidential information:
Documents Attached to This Notice
Form CH-100, Request for Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
Form CH-175, Cover Sheet for Confidential Information (leave
Form CH-165, Order on Request to Keep Minor's Information
Form CH-160, Request to Keep Minor’s Information Confidential
Form CH-130, Civil Harassment Restraining Order After Hearing
Form CH-110, Temporary Restraining Order
Form CH-109, Notice of Court Hearingb.
Filing Documents
If you file any document that contains any confidential information in this case or other civil case with the same
parties, you MUST also use form CH-175 as a cover sheet. See form CH-165, item , for all information made
confidential by the court.
Clerk stamps date here when form is filed.
Superior Court of California, County of
(Court fills in this case number when form is filed.)
Case Number:
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Instructions to Clerk
When providing copies of
unredacted filed documents to any
party, you must attach this cover
sheet on top of the document or set
of documents. Complete item to
indicate the forms that are attached.
Notice of Order Protecting
Information of Minor
Unless authorized by the court or by law, you may be sanctioned up to $1,000 or face other court penalties if you
misuse or disclose the information that is confidential in this case to anyone other than law enforcement. See Code
of Civil Procedure section 527.6(v)(3) for the limited situations in which disclosures can be made without the court's
Judicial Council of California,
Rev. September 1, 2020, Mandatory Form
Code of Civil Procedure, § 527.6(v)
CH-170, Page 1 of 1
Notice of Order Protecting Information of Minor
(Civil Harassment Prevention)
The court has made some information in this case confidential.
Details of the order for confidentiality are in form CH-165, Order on
Request to Keep Minor's Information Confidential. Confidential
information may be given only to law enforcement to enforce the
restraining order.
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