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The Building Act 1984
The Building Regulations 2010
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Building Standards and Control
Please note: This application form should only be used for small domestic works. For further information please speak to Building Control.
For help in completing this form please read the acompanying notes or phone this office on 01253 476219. Please type or use block capitals
Your details (person applying) (see note 1)
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Agent's / Builder Details (please delete as appropriate) (see note 2)
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Tel: Email:
Preferred means of communication (see note 3)
This email is mandatory and will be used for all
communication regarding this application
Location of building to which the work relates
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Work to be carried out
Use of building (see note 4)
1. If you are building a new building or extension, what will it be used for?
2. If you are working on an existing building, what is its present use?
Do you wish to receive advice on improving the energy efficiency
of your proposal or existing building? (please tick one)
I wish to be considered for disabled person's exemption *See note H
Charges - Please make cheques payable to Blackpool Council (see note 5)
2. Individual charge
This project is subject to an individual charge. The reference number is
Please see our guidance note on charges which is available on request
Building Notice submission charge (inc VAT)
Origin of Charge: Please complete either Option 1 or 2
1. Standard charge tables
This charge has been taken from table A B C D E (please circle)
Commencement of Works
Please give the expected start date of the work if known.
Please note you must also inform Building Control when works commence on 01253 476219
Electrical installations (see note 8)
Please indicate which of the following methods you intend to use in order to demonstrate that all fixed electrical installation
works associated with this application will be designed, installed, inspected and tested in accordance with Part P of the
Building Regulations. Please tick only one
This notice is submitted in accordance with Regulation 12 (2)(a) and is given in relation to the work described above
Signed: Date:
Start Date:
For Office Use Only
Receipt Number
Cash / Cheque / Card £
Date Received
Plan Fee Inspection fee
Total Total
BC.1094 (05/10)
Please Note: These options will carry an additional charge of £120 if there is notifiable electrical work involved in the project.
Please Note: This option will carry an additional charge of £120 if there is notifiable electrical work which is NOT carried out by a Part P installer
a) Part P registered competent installer Name:.......................................................................
Trade Association ............................................... Membership Number...........................................
(if known)
b) BS7671 Certificate
(A qualified electrician will certify that the work has been designed, installed, inspected and tested in accordance with
BS7671 and provide an Electrical Installation Certificate with associated inspection and testing schedules to BS7671)
c) Building Control
(if you are carrying out your own electrical installation and require Building Control to test it, you must provide a detailed design of
the installation to Building Control for approval prior to commencement of work )
d) Don't Know
For further information on the requirements of Part P Electrical Safety, what is notifiable work, Competent Person
Schemes and Exempt works please see our guidance note available separately.
I Certify the applicant noted in box 1 above may be liable to an additional charge if boxes b, c or d are ticked in answer to question 11 above.
Application Form Notes
Notes for Completion of Form
1. The applicant is the person on whose behalf the work is being carried out, e.g. the building owner.
Please note: as stated in box 9, the applicant may also be responsible for the payment of inspection fees which will be
invoiced at commencement of work. (Full Plans applications ONLY)
2. The agent is normally the person employed to act on behalf of the applicant in submitting the application. This is
normally your architect but can also be your builder. Please note: if you fill in box 2 as your agent, all
correspondence will go to them. If you fill in box 2 as your builder, all correspondence will go to the applicant in box 1
3. Any decision documentation will be sent in the post.
4. If the works involve extensions or alterations to a domestic dwelling please state “domestic”.
5. Fees. The appropriate fee is dependant on the type of work proposed. A fee scale and methods of calculation are
set in the guidance note on fees which is on our website or available on request.
Table A applies to new dwellings upto 300m2 and flats upto 3 storeys and applies to both new build and
change of use/conversion.
Table B applies to extensions, loft and garage conversions, garages and car ports being built at existing
Table C applies to any other work to an existing dwelling including replacement windows, re-roof,
structural alterations etc.
Table D applies to any new or extended non-domestic building. This includes shops, offices, hotels and
any other type of commercial or public building.
Table E applies to any other work to a non-domestic building including replacement windows, re-roofs,
structural alterations and fit outs.
The tables listed above conatin our STANDARD CHARGES. The tables also list certain types of work for which an
individual charge applies. These individual charges are tailor-made for your project and will be calculated on
request. If your project is subject to an individual charge please email entitled
'request for Building Regulation charge', along with a full description of the work you propose. We will contact you
regarding this within 24 hours. Alternatively, please phone 01253 476219.
6. Subject to certain exceptions a Full Plans Submission attracts charges payable by the person by whom or on whose
behalf work is to be carried out. Charges for work costing more than £9000 are generally payable in two stages. The
first charge must accompany the deposit of plans and the second charge is payable after the first site inspection of
work in progress. This second charge, for which an invoice will be issued, is a single payment to cover all site visits
and consultations which may be necessary until the work is satisfactorily completed.
The Building Notice fee is the total of the Plan fee and Inspection fee added together and is payable on submission of
the application.
7. A Conditional approval can be issued for an application for which certain minor information is not yet available. It can
require you to provide additional information or a modification to the deposited plans. Once dealt with, you will
receive a discharge of conditions notice.
The normal length of time for dealing with a full plans application is 5 weeks. This period can be extended up to no
longer than 2 months from submission to enable you longer to deal with any amendments which may be necessary.
Application Form Notes
Notes for Completion of Form
8. From the 1
January 2005 any new electrical wiring or fixed electrical components for a domestic dwelling or
outbuilding must be designed and installed in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations. There are three
ways of ensuring this which are shown on the application form. The quickest and simplest method of compliance is to
use an electrical contractor who is a member of an electrical Competent Person Self Certification Scheme approved by
the Secretary of State. If your electrician is not a member of one of these schemes, you must ensure they are suitably
qualified to undertake the installation and be able to design, install, inspect and test the installation in accordance
with BS7671. Copies of suitable qualifications must be provided and Building Control will require, at completion, an
Electrical Installation Certificate signed by the electrical contractor. If your electrical contractor cannot demonstrate
their competence, or you wish to undertake the electrical installation yourself, Building Control will arrange for the
testing to be carried out for you. Should you wish to pursue this option, a full detailed design of the installation must
be submitted to us for approval. We will then inform you of when we wish to inspect/test the installation for which
you must provide reasonable access.
Please note as part of any domestic works should any notifiable electrical works be carried out where the contractor
is NOT a member of an Electrical Competent Self Certification Scheme an additional charge will be payable as part of
your Building Regulations submission. Please see the fee tables for more information.
Application Form Notes
Notes for Making the Submission
A. One copy of this form should be completed, signed and submitted. On a full plans application for works to a dwelling
two copies of plans and particulars must be submitted in accordance with the provision of Regulations 13 & 14
Subject to certain exceptions, for works on all buildings containing flats and non domestic buildings, three copies of
plans must be submitted.
B. Where the proposed work involves the erection or extension of a building, you must supply a block plan of a scale not
greater than 1:1250 showing:-
i) the size and position of the building or extension and its relationship to adjoining
ii) the boundaries of the cartilage of the building edged red.
C. Where the proposed work involves either the insertion of insulating material into the cavity walls of a building or the
provision of an unvented hot water storage system, this Building Notice must be accompanied by a statement as to the
full product and installer details.
D. Works to Drainage: Subject to certain provisions of the Pubic Health Act 1936 owners and occupiers of the premises
are entitled to have their private foul and service water drains and sewers connected to the public sewers, where
Special arrangements apply to trade effluent discharge. Persons wishing to make such connections must give not less
than 21 days notice to the appropriate authority.
If your proposals involve building over or near public sewers, the agreement of United Utilities must be sought before
works commence. In some cases a formal agreement and/or CCTV survey may be necessary and an additional fee may
be payable to United Utilities.
E. Notification of Commencement: Persons carrying out building work must give written notice to the local Authority of
the commencement of the work at least two days beforehand.
F. Completion Certificates: The Council will issue completion certificates in all cases where site works are completed in
accordance with the Building Regulations and no fees are outstanding.
G. Lapse of Plans: If building work is not commenced within 3 years from the date of application deposit, the Local
Authority will declare that the deposit of plans to be of no effect, in which case the plans will lapse. If you wish to
undertake the work after this time you will need to submit a new application.
H. Disabled Exemptions: In accordance with Regulation 4 of the 2010 Charges Regulations, Blackpool Council will not
require a fee for any building work in the following circumstances:
1. The proposed works are for the purpose of providing access for a disabled person to or from a domestic
dwelling which will be their primary residence, or,
2. The proposed works are intended to provide accommodation or facilities designed to secure the greater health
safety, welfare or convenience of the disabled person.
3. In relation to a building to which members of the public are admitted, for the purpose of providing means of
access for disabled persons by way of entrance or exit to or from the building or any part of it, or,
4. The proposed works are intended to provide accommodation or facilities designed to secure the greater
health, safety, welfare or convenience of disabled persons
Application Form Notes
Notes for Making the Submission
Note 1. Building work is not exempt from charges in paragraph 2 above unless the local authority are satisfied that the
work consists of:
1. The adaptation or extension of existing accommodation or an existing facility or the provision of alternative
accommodation or an alternative facility where the existing accommodation or facility could not be used by
the disabled person or could be used by the disabled person only with assistance.
2. The provision of a room which is or will be used solely for:
The carrying out for the benefit of the disabled person of medical treatment which cannot be
reasonably carried out in any other room in the dwelling, or,
The storage of medical equipment for the use of the disabled person, or,
To provide sleeping accommodation for a carer where the disabled person requires 24 hour care.
Please note, any request for fee exemption on the above grounds may require provision of proof of disability and a report
from a relevant health professional indicating the specific need of the client. For further information on any aspect of the
fee exemption scheme, please contact Building Control on 01253 476219
J. Please Note: consent or submission of an application under the Building Regulations does not give or imply consent of
Planning or other Permission which may be required under the relevant Town and Country Planning Acts. To confirm
whether you require planning permission for your project, please phone 01253 476206.