The Building Act 1984
Building Regulations 2010 as amended
Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6JQ
Tel: 01622 602701
Reference N°: (Oce use only)
To be completed by the person intending to carry out the work or their agent. Please read the notes on the reverse.
Owner Details Name:
Agents Details (if applicable) Name:
Tel: Email:
Postcode: Tel: Email:
Address or Location of Building/Site where work is to be carried out
Proposed work
(See Note 7)
Proposed work e.g. Domestic
If existing state present use.
Part P Electrical Safety Please tick which one applies:
Option 1: No electrical work required
Option 2: All electrical work for this application will be done by a certified electrician and a certificate
will be provided to the council.
Option 3: I want the council to provide an electrical consultant. (I understand there will be an additional
charge for this).
(See fees over the page)
New Build Houses less than 300m
and Flats under 4 storeys N
of Units
Domestic Garages, Extensions & Loft Conversions Floor Area m
Estimated cost of works (Extensions and Loft ESTIMATE
Conversions over 100m
, All Alterations)
Please state the date that work will commence
If not known, separate notification will be required. A minimum of 2 working days notice must be given
This Notice is given in relation to the building work as described above and is submitted in accordance
with Regulation 12(2)(a) and is accompanied by the appropriate fee.
Name: Signature:
1. Maidstone Borough Council takes our
responsibilities under the Data Protection
Legislation very seriously. We will not disclose
information to any unauthorised person.
Information may be shared with other services
within the Council or disclosed to other Local
and Public Authorities or Government agencies
that have a legitimate reason to request the
disclosure. The Council is under a duty to protect
the public funds we administer and so we may
use the information you have provided to prevent
or detect crime and / or fraud. If you want to
know more about our Data Protection Policy and
GDPR please visit:
2. If the proposed work includes erecting a new
building or extension you must include a block
plan to a scale of at least 1:1250 showing the
size and position of the building, the boundaries
and the drainage.
3. Where work is to commercial premises
a Full Plans application must be submitted.
4. If you are building near, or over a public sewer,
you may need permission from Southern Water.
5. Where the proposed work involves insulating
the cavity walls of a building, you must tell us:
a) The name and type of insulation to be used.
b) If the insulating material is approved by
the British Board of Agrement or conforms
to a British Standard.
c) If the installer is a person who is subject
of a British Standards Institute Certificate
of Registration or has been approved by the
British Board of Agrement, for the insertion
of that material.
6. Where the proposed work includes an unvented
hot water system, you must tell us:
a) The name, make, model and type of hot
water storage system to be used.
b) The name of the body which has approved
or certified that the systems performance
meets the requirements of Part G,
Schedule 1 of the Building Regulations
2002 as amended.
c) The name of the body which has issued
any current registered operative identity
card to the installer or proposed installer
of the system.
7. Please keep descriptions brief, for example
“single storey rear extension”. If carrying out
alterations, please state what these are.
8. Building Notice charges must be paid at the time
of submission. If work does not start the notice
will be made invalid after 3 years from the date
of submission.
9. The Building Act, The Building Regulations and
supporting documents such as the Approved
Documents can be downloaded from the
Planning Portal:
10. Building Regulation and Planning are two
dierent permissions. Permission under the
Building Regulations does not mean that the
work has planning permission. Not all work
requires both Building Regulation and Planning
permission. Further information on permission
required can be obtained from the Planning
11. The notes are for general guidance only.
For more complete information please consult
Regulation 13 of the Building Regulations
(as amended).
Local Authority Building Regulation charges are
non-profit making and are set to recover the cost
of the service being provided. There are two methods
used to establish the charge for building work:
Standard charges have been set for certain
dwellings, extensions and alterations may be
determined using the table over the page.
Individually Determined Charges will be provided
for work not listed on the standard charges table
or for applications involving more complex work.
Please email details to
or call 01622 602701 for a quotation.
You must pay the full fee when submitting this
building notice application. Your application will
not be made valid until you pay the full fee.
Description of work
(Inclusive of VAT)
Building Notice Charge
1 Erection of a single dwelling house up to 300m² £995.00
2 Erection of 2 dwelling houses £1350.00
3 Garage; Single storey & up to 60m² £500.00
4 Garage; Single storey & up to 100m² £585.00
5 Extension up to 40m² £735.00
6 Extension over 40m² and up to 100m² £880.00
7 Loft Conversions up to 60m² £760.00
8 Garage Conversion under 40m² £470.00
9 Up to 10 replacement windows £235.00
10 Alterations up to £4999 £320.00
11 Alterations £5000 - £9999 £470.00
12 Part P electrical work or installation of heating appliance £295.00
Multiple Work Reductions
Where more than one extension is being carried out together then the individual plan and inspection
fees are combined and reduced by 30%. If there is more than one type of works being carried out
or if your project is not shown then please email for an individually
determined quotation.
Estimated Cost of Works
The estimated cost of work used to determine the charge in the Alterations categories should
be a reasonable estimate charged by a professional builder to carry out the works (excluding VAT).
If we think your estimate is unreasonably low this will result in the application being made invalid,
as we would not recover our cost for the application.
Work Exempt from Fees
A fee may not be required where the whole work is being carried out solely for the benefit
of a disabled person. Examples include work that improves access and facilities in an existing
dwelling or is an extension or improves access and facilities to a public building. Evidence
of the persons disability or special needs may be required i.e. letter from a medical practitioner.
Standard Charges
These charges have been set on the basis that the building work does not consists of, or include,
innovative or high risk construction techniques and/ or the duration of the building work from
commencement to completion does not exceed 12 months. In addition the charges have been set
on the basis that the design and building work is undertaken by a person or company that is
competent to carry out the relevant work. If they are not, the work may incur supplementary
charges. Charges are based on the estimated hours of Building Surveyors time spent on the project
from application receipt to satisfactory completion.