Child’s name after adoption:
Age:Date of birth:
State: Country:
Name of adoption agency (if any):
Div.:Dept.: Rm.:
Parent keeping parental rights:
If there are more names, attach a sheet of paper
, write “ADOPT-215, Item 4” at the top, and list the
additional names and each person’s relationship to child.
The judge finds that the child
(check all that apply):
Judge will fill out section below.
Your name (adopting parent(s)):
Relationship to child:
Street address:
State: Zip:City:
Lawyer (if any): (Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address,
and State Bar number):
Daytime telephone number:
People present at the hearing:
Place of birth (if known):
First name:
Middle name:
Last name:
Clerk’s office telephone number:
Adoption Order
Clerk stamps date here when form is filed.
Fill in court name and street address:
Superior Court of California, County of
Court fills in case number when form is filed.
Case Number:
Adopting parent(s)
Other people present (list each name and relationship to child):
Lawyer for adopting parent(s)
Child’s lawyer
Is 12 or older and agrees to the adoption
Is under 12
Is not required to consent because this is a tribal customary adoption.
Adoption Order
ADOPT-215, Page 1 of 2
Judicial Council of California,
Revised January 1, 2016, Mandatory Form
Family Code, §§ 8601.5, 8612, 8714, 8714.5,
8900, 8900.5, 8902, 8912, 9000, 9000.5;
Welfare and Institutions Code, § 366.24;
Cal. Rules of Court, rule 5.730
Hearing details
The hearing is waived pursuant to Family Code section 9000.5 (Check this box only if this is an adoption
confirming parentage of a stepparent who was married or in a state-registered domestic partnership with the
parent who gave birth at the time the child was born.)
Judicial Officer:
Hearing date:
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The judge believes the adoption is in the child’s best interest and orders this adoption.
The child’s name after adoption will be:
agreed to this adoption and will maintain their existing parental rights.
parental rights, signed by both the existing parent(s) and the adopting parent(s), was filed with the court.
The adopting parent or parents and the child are now parent and child under the law, with all the rights and duties
of the parent-child relationship or, in the case of a tribal customary adoption, all the rights and duties set out in the
tribal customary adoption order and Welfare and Institutions Code section 366.24.
Clerk’s Certificate of Mailing
For the adoption of an Indian child, the Clerk certifies:
I am not a party to this adoption. I placed a filed copy of:
in a sealed envelope, marked “Confidential” and addressed to:
Chief, Division of Social Services
Bureau of Indian Affairs
1849 C Street, NW
Mail Stop 310-SIB
Washington, DC 20240
The envelope was mailed by U.S. mail, with full postage, from:
on (date):
Clerk, by:
, Deputy
Revised January 1, 2016
The child’s name before adoption was:
before adoption be listed on this order. (Fam. Code, § 8714.5(g).)
First name:
Middle name:
Last name:
tribe dated containing pages and attached hereto is fully incorporated into this order of adoption
This is a tribal customary adoption. The tribal customary adoption order of the
First name:
Middle name:
Last name:
(Date of Signature)
Your name:
Case Number:
This case is an adoption by a relative petitioned under Family Code section 8714.5.
The adopting relative The child, who is 12 or older, has requested that the child’s name
The child is an Indian child. The judge finds that this adoption meets the placement requirements of the
Indian Child Welfare Act or that there is good cause to give preference to these adopting parents. The clerk
will fill out below.
The judge approves the Contact After Adoption Agreement (ADOPT-310)
As submitted As amended on ADOPT-310
This is an adoption under the Hague Adoption Convention. Verification of Compliance with Hague Adoption
Convention Attachment (form ADOPT-216) is attached and fully incorporated into this order.
The judge believes it will serve public policy and the best interest of the child to grant the request of the
adopting parent or parents for the court to make this order effective as of (date): .
Judge (or Judicial Officer)
Clerk will fill out section below.
Adoption Request (ADOPT-200)
Adoption Order (ADOPT-215)
Adoption of Indian Child (ADOPT-220)
Contact After Adoption Agreement (ADOPT-310)
Adoption Order
ADOPT-215, Page 2 of 2
Agrees to adopt the child.
Will treat the child as his or her own;
The judge has reviewed the report and other documents and evidence and finds that each adopting parent:
Will support and care for the child;
Has a suitable home for the child; and
Is at least 10 years older than the child or
meets the criteria in Fam. Code, § 8601(b);
All persons with existing parental rights
An agreement waiving termination of
This is an independent adoption involving an additional parent(s).
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