The following 9
grade student requests permission to enroll at Orange Coast College for “advanced scholastic or vocational
coursework” not available at their high school. Please complete, sign, and email this form to Dual Enrollment at
for each semester you would like to enroll. Admission and enrollment are contingent upon meeting the
requirements of the California Education Code, Section 48800, as determined by the high school and college.
Note: Students must apply to OCC and have an OCC Student ID number PRIOR to submitting this form.
Last Name First Name Middle Name
______________________ ______________ Expected Graduation Date: _____/_____/_____
Date of Birth Age
___________________________________________________________ _______________________________________
Street Address City State Zip Code Phone #
______________________ _______________________ _______________________________________
OCC Student ID Number OCC Email Student Signature/Date
PERMISSION OF THE PARENT (I have read, understand, and agree to the Dual Enrollment requirements as stated on the
reverse side of this form, and I authorize my son/daughter to enroll.)
_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
Parent Name (Please Print) Parent Signature/Date
PRINCIPAL’S RECOMMENDATION(S) I certify the following; the student has demonstrated preparation for college level
coursework; the OCC course(s) listed in the current OCC class schedule is/are not available at the high school; the enrollment of
this student is within 5% statutory limit as defined by section 76001(i) of the California Education Code.
NOTE: Principal Recommendation is course specific. Please include alternative courses (if any), in the event that the course is
full. This form does not guarantee a space in the course(s). All course prerequisites must be met prior to enrolling in classes.
Students can take a maximum of 11 units in the fall and spring semesters, and 3 units in summer and intersession.
Recommended Course #1: Course Title/Number: ______________________ Units #: ______
Recommended Course #2: Course Title/Number: ______________________ Units #: ______
Recommended Course #3: Course Title/Number: ______________________ Units #: ______
Recommended Course #4: Course Title/Number: ______________________ Units #: ______
Recommended Course #5: Course Title/Number: ______________________ Units #: ______
___________________________________________ _________________________________________________
High School Name Complete Address, Street, City, State, Zip Code
___________________________________________ _________________________________________________
Name of Principal/Designated Alternate (Please print) Principal’s Signature/Designated Alternate Date
ENROLLMENT PERIOD Spring/Intersession Summer Fall Year: _____________
9th grade
STEP 1 – APPLY FOR ADMISSION You may apply on-line (via the OCC website) for the first semester you plan to attend. You do not
need to reapply in subsequent semesters unless you skip 2 primary semesters or will be graduating from high school to attend as a
first-time college student.
STEP 2COMPLETE THE DUAL ENROLLMENT FORM (this form)Complete this form after you are admitted and have received your
OCC Student ID Number. Have your high school principal or designated alternate complete the “Principal’s Recommendations
Section” then email this form to
. Once this form has been received and processed, Dual Enrollment
will post permission to take the course(s) listed on this form so that you may register on or after your registration date and time. You
will be notified by OCC email when the form is processed.
STEP 3 – REGISTER FOR THE COURSE(S) You may register for the course(s) for which you have been approved anytime on or after
your registration date and time. You must meet all course pre-requisites. After you register, you are responsible to pay your
semester fees. If the course(s) you are approved for is closed, you may petition the course(s) by attending the first-class meeting and
requesting an “Add Permit” from the instructor (follow the instructions to register on the permit). NOTE: you are not permitted to
waitlist classes.
1. TRANSCRIPTS - Enrollment at Orange Coast College creates an official college transcript, which is released only with the request
and signature of the student regardless of the student’s age. You are fully responsible for your academic and financial record
after you have registered for your course. If you choose to designate someone else to handle your records transaction(s), the
person designated must present written authorization signed by you (the student), and some form of photo identification at the
time of the transaction. Grades are available approximately 15 working days after the end of the semester. Students may access
their grades via the MyCoast portal. Official transcripts may be ordered several weeks before the end of the semester and are
processed in the order received once grades are available.
2. FEES - Students enrolled in Dual Enrollment and classified as California residents under Title V Education Code, do not pay the
per unit enrollment fee. However, Dual Enrollment students are charged the Health Fee, College Service Charge, Student
Representation Fee, and any material fees if applicable.
3. FIRST DAY OF CLASS - Students must attend the first-class meeting or risk being replaced by another student at the discretion of
the instructor. A one-semester course typically covers the content of a full-year high school course. OCC students are expected
to study a minimum of two hours outside of class for each hour of classroom instruction.
4. DROPPING A CLASS - If you decide not to attend, official withdrawal from the course on MyCoast is your responsibility. There
are specific deadlines for fee obligation, refunds, “W” grades, and letter grades. Please check your Student Class Program (Web
Schedule Bill) via your MyCoast portal, OCC website, or call the Answer Center at (714) 432-5772 to verify deadlines.
OCC offers an adult learning environment. Parents and students are requested to select appropriate classes, subject to
college policy and procedures. The school and the college determine who may enroll based on their judgement of the
applicant’s eligibility. The college has the right and responsibility to restrict enrollment for reasons of health and safety,
appropriateness of the course, preparedness of the student, availability, registration policy, and college policy.
Minimum school day attendance at the student’s regular school is required by law.
Students must complete all required steps for approval prior to enrollment for each course and semester.
Students are responsible for all rules and regulations at OCC and are expected to read the admissions and registration
instructions in the current OCC Class Schedule, Catalog, and college website.