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Food Waiver Application
By contractual agreement between Aquinas Dining Services (ADS) and Aquinas College, ADS shall manage and operate
food and beverage operations for student dining, catering, retail and conference services. This ensures safety and
compliance with state and local health regulations as well as campus policies. Under special circumstances, food
waivers are permitted for certain on-campus, sponsored fundraisers and/or events at the discretion of ADS. ADS has the
right of first refusal.
Please complete the following information for consideration and return to catering@aquinas.edu, a minimum of 7
(seven) business days prior to the event. If the food waiver is approved, the client is responsible for all service wares,
linen, and clean-up in accordance with the Zero Waste and Sustainability policies at Aquinas College, and ADS will not be
held legally liable for any happenings at, or related to, the event. This document will be kept on file in the ADS Office.
Today’s Date:
Event Reservation Number:
*Confirmed space reservation with Conferencing and Event Services must be made prior to food service waiver application
Event Name:
Event Location:
Event Date: Event Time:
Name of Organization:
If RSO, Advisor Name and Email:
Contact Person: Phone Number:
Product(s) to be served (attach menu on separate sheet if needed):
Are these items: Donated Purchased
Will food preparation be required? Yes No
*Due to Health Department regulations, proper food preparation and storage is required.
If “yes”, who will be serving the food?
Describe how the food will be stored and/or kept at a safe temperature:
I have read and fully understand the food waiver. I will be solely responsible for the food/beverage service for the stated
event. I will be solely responsible for set-up, clean-up of the room, composting / recycling and removal of waste.
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