Mobile Food Unit
Permit Application
Zip Code: State:
Describe food to be sold (If unit is a Hot Truck, attach a copy of menu):
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
License Plate #:
One-Day Permit: $100.00
Annual Permit: $400.00
Permits: 817.952.2140
Cold Truck
Hot Truck
to be submitted with Mobile Food Unit Permit Application
Copy of written permission form from property owner allowing operation of Mobile Food Unit, and allowing
access to a commercially plumbed public restroom.
Site plan depicting the location of the Mobile Food Unit on the property.
Copy of current Food Handler Cards issued by the T
arrant County Health Department (for each person).
Signed, notarized statement confirming minimum liability insurance of $1,000,000 covering Mobile Food Unit is
to be available on Mobile Food Unit at all times
Valid Texas vehicle registration and current Texas state inspection
Current Texas motor vehicle operator's license, and current proof of liability insurance
Valid Texas Sales Tax Permit
Name of Business:
Owner/Contact Person:
Mailing Address:
The Owner/Applicant agrees to release the City of Bedford, and its agents from any and all liability of every kin
d and nature for damages
to persons and/or property which may occur, and hereby agrees to Indemnify the City of Bedford and its agents for and to hold the City of
Bedford and its agents harmless from any and all such liability.
WARNING: Signing of this document does not authorize occupancy of this structure.
I have read the completed application and k
now the same is true and correct and hereby agree that if a permit
is issued all provisions of the City Ordinances and State Laws will be complied with whether herein specified or not. I
agree to comply with all property restrictions. I am the owner of the property or the duly authorized agent.
Applicant Name (Print):
Applicant Signature:
Permit Number:
Permit Approved:
Notified Contact Person:
Inspection Request Line:
City of Bedford
2000 Forest Ridge Dr.
Bedford, TX 76021
Sec. 66-44 Mobile Food Units
Mobile Food Units are subject to the following regulations:
a) Location:
1) All mobile food units must be located on a parcel, which is appropriately zoned for
commercial development.
2) Mobile food units shall be located on an individual private parcel, where an existing
permanent business operates in a building with a certificate of occupancy.
3) Mobile food units shall provide the City with a copy of written permission from the
property owner on an annual basis to allow the operation of a mobile food unit and
to allow the mobile food unit and their customers access to a commercially plumed
public restroom on-site.
4) A mobile food unit shall submit a site plan depicting the location of the mobile food
unit on the property; shall secure a current mobile food unit permit; and supply
Food Handler Cards from Tarrant County, providing copies of these documents to
the City of Bedford.
5) Mobile food units shall be located within five hundred (500) feet of an entrance of
a primary building that holds the certificate of occupancy.
6) No mobile food units shall be located on a vacant lot.
7) No mobile food units, their merchandise, advertising, or seating shall obscure
traffic sight visibility.
8) No mobile food units operating under this regulation shall be allowed to sell or
service food on any public street, sidewalk, or other public right-of-way unless
approved in writing by the City of Bedford.
9) Mobile food units shall not operate in driveways or fire lanes.
10) Mobile food units including any applicable seating may operate in parking spaces
in a commercially zoned individual property, parcel, tract or platted lot, if the
required parking for the center remains in compliance with the parking code
located in the City of Bedford Zoning Ordinance Section 5.2. A site plan indicating
the specific location is required.
11) Mobile food units shall be removed from the parcel on a daily basis and may only
operate during the business hours of the primary business and may not be parked
longer than twelve (12) hours.
b) Vehicle: All mobile food units shall have a valid vehicle registration, motor vehicle
operator’s license, proof of vehicle liability insurance, and a Texas Sales Tax Permit.
c) Operational Issues:
1) A drive-through is not permitted in conjunction with the mobile food unit and shall
not provide a drive-through service of any kind.
2) All mobile food units shall be equipped with a self-closing lidded trash receptacle.
The trash receptacle must be placed outside next to the mobile food units for use
by the patrons of the unit. The area around the mobile food units shall be kept
clean and free from litter, garbage, and debris.
3) Temporary connections to potable water are prohibited. Water shall be from an
internal tank, and electricity shall be from a generator or an electrical outlet via a
portable cord that is in conformance with the Electrical Code as adopted by the
City of Bedford.
4) Except as otherwise limited by the City of Bedford Code of Ordinances, or other
City Codes, a mobile food unit may utilize outside seating consisting of a portable
table and a seating capacity of not to exceed four (4).
5) Except as otherwise limited by City Codes, a mobile food unit shall be allowed
amplified music as long as such music shall not violate the nuisance definitions of
noise established by Section 54-31 of the Bedford Code of Ordinances.
6) If wanting to serve alcoholic beverages, a mobile food vendor shall follow all
necessary Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the City of Bedford
7) A Hold-Harmless Agreement is required to be completed with the City of Bedford
if the mobile food unit is to be located on City of Bedford property.
8) Owners of any mobile food unit must sign a notarized statement that they
acknowledge and accept a minimum amount of $1,000,000 liability insurance, that
covers the mobile food unit, must be maintained at all times and that proof of such
insurance coverage can be demanded to be provided to the City upon three (3)
working days notice to the owner.
9) All of the requirements for this Section pertain to Civic and Special Events per
Section 5.10.D.
10) No mobile food unit shall operate before first obtaining a permit from the City of
11) No more than three (3) mobile food units may be located on a parcel at any one
time or at the same location for consecutive weeks unless one of the following
(i) Additional mobile food units greater than three (3) may be considered through
Civic Events and/or Special Events per Section 5.10.C of the City of Bedford
Zoning Ordinance. Staff will consider the reason for the request; the number
of available parking spaces on the lot; whether an increased number of mobile
food units would be compatible with the existing use and permitted
development of adjacent properties; and any other issues Staff considers to be
relevant; and/or the owner of the primary business establishes through Staff
permission with the City of Bedford a list of specific dates within a calendar
year in which multiple food units may be allowed on the property. This request
shall include a site plan and documentation showing:
(1) Indication of appropriate level of parking;
(2) Safe areas for seating for patrons of the mobile food units;
(3) Appropriate documentation of permission of use, adequate public access
restroom facilities and valid certificate of occupancy of the primary
business owner; and
(4) City of Bedford sponsored Civic and Special Events may have more than
one mobile unit allowed, and may not be required to get Staff approval.
(ii) If approved by Staff, a property owner initiated request shall be valid for 90
days. If there have been no previous outstanding code violations, a renewal
after 90 days may be possible.
12) Mobile food unit permit fees are located in Appendix A “Schedule of Fees” of the
City of Bedford Code of Ordinances
d) Exemptions: All events, activities, and festivals specifically approved by the City
Council are exempt from these regulations, but shall comply with appropriate
regulations of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Bedford.