Floodplain Development Permit
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Parcel Identification Number (PIN):
Floodplain Development Permit Number:
Permit Issuance Date:
This Permit is issued to the aforementioned individual, firm, partnership, etc. for the
purpose noted and in accordance with the Jackson County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, this Floodplain Development
Permit and attachments thereto; and is subject to the following modifications and/or performance reservations:
Type of Permitted Development: Excavation Fill Grading Mining Dredging
Storage of Equip./Materials Utility Construction Road Construction Residential Construction
Nonresidential Construction Addition Renovation Other (specify):
The lo
west floor and all attendant utilities shall be atleast 2 feet above the base flood elevation:
1929 or NAVD 1988) Check correct datum Approximate Base Flood Elevation:
Pursuant to Section 14-32, c (1), c of the Jackson County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, it shall be the
duty of the permit holder to submit to the Floodplain Administrator the Elevation/Floodproofing
Certification within 21 calendar days of the floodproofing being completed.
Lowest floor shall be at least two feet above the BFE as determined by a registered land surveyor or provide
floodproofing to that same level and have it certified by a registered design professional licensed in the state
of NC.
Proper Erosion and Sediment control measures shall be installed and maintained in accordance with
Jackson County Sediment Control Ordinance and the North Carolina State Standards during fill operations.
Provide a minimum of two (2) openings in the foundation wall, having a total area of not less than one
square inch for every square foot of enclosed area subject to flooding. The bottom of the openings shall not
be greater than one (1) foot above the ground elevation at the perimeter of the foundation wall. The access
area to the crawl space may be utilized to meet these criteria provided a mesh or screen door is used.
Mobile/Manufactured home shall be installed in accordance with the Jackson County Flood Damage
Prevention Ordinance, Section 14-52, 3, (b).
Upon completion of foundation construction, contact the Permitting & Code Enforcement Office for
foundation inspection.
This project will not have any impact that will create change to the flood elevations as noted on the Jackson
County flood maps.
Failure to comply with the Jackson County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, including any modifications
and/or performance reservations, could result in assessment of civil penalties or initiation of civil or criminal court
actions as defined in Section 14-13 of the Jackson County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.
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