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Ocean City Fire Department
Office of the Fire Marshal
Ocean City, Maryland
Flame Effect Performance
Application and Requirements
1. These regulations shall be applicable for the use of Open Flame Effect Materials and/or Devices located
within the Town of Ocean City.
2. No Open flame effects, device(s), material and/or equipment shall take place without a permit issued
from the Town of Ocean City, Office of the Fire Marshal.
3. Permit application shall be received by the Office of the Fire Marshal a minimum of at least Ten (10)
business days prior to the event. The permit must be obtained from Office of the Fire Marshal during
regular office hours. Permit fee is payable, in the form of a check or money order, to “Mayor and City
Council of Ocean City,” in the amount of $50.00.
4. A permit will not be issued to subjects under the age 21 years of age.
5. A site plan must be submitted with the application. The site plan must indicate the location of the
appliances as it relates to egresses, structures, the viewing audience and flammable and/or combustible
6. The must recent edition of NFPA 160 Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience as
reference by NFPA 101. The Standard, NFPA 160 shall apply to flame effects for entertainment,
exhibition, demonstration, or simulation before an audience, including their design, fabrication,
installation, testing, control, operation, and maintenance. Flame Effect is the combustion of flammable
solids, liquids, or gases to produce thermal, physical, visual, or audible phenomena before an audience.
7. Only manufactured listed outdoor appliances shall be utilized. Cutt/spec sheets must be submitted on
the listed equipment at the time of application. Homemade appliances shall not be permitted.
8. All equipment must be installed and operated by qualified personal.
9. All equipment shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications/recommendations.
10. When utilizing propane gas as a fuel supply, in addition to the main gas supply shut off, an accessible
shut off valve terminating the gas supply shall be located at the appliance.
11. The outdoor display will not be permitted during adverse weather conditions.
12. A copy of this permit and regulations must be present on site and available upon request by a Fire
Authority and/or Police Officer. The Town of Ocean City reserves the right to check for permit
compliance at any time.
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13. The sponsor/operator is responsible for providing security whose sole duty shall be the enforcement of
crowd control. Security shall be located around the display area and at other locations as pre-determined
by the fire official and the operator. All operators shall be at least twenty-one (21) years old. All
assistants and security shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
14. The sponsor/operator (s) are responsible for providing an acceptable form of communications between
the operator, security, monitors, assistants and site manager.
15. The sponsor/operator is responsible for ensuring that all assistants and security personal are fully trained
in the proper performance of their assigned tasks and that they are knowledgeable of safety hazards.
16. The names and dates of birth (DOB) of all operators, security, monitors, assistants shall be provided to
the fire official.
17. There shall be a minimum of two (2) fire extinguishers provided at the display site. Each fire
extinguisher shall be U/L Listed Chemical Fire Extinguisher having a minimum classification of 4A-
40BC. Fire extinguishers must have a current inspection tag from a company approved by the fire
18. No person shall be allowed in the display site while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or
medication that could adversely affect judgment, mobility, or stability.
19. When the performance is conducted in an unsafe manner and/or during adverse weather
conditions, the Fire Authority and/or Police Officer shall have the performance cease, even if the
applicant is in compliance with this policy.
20. The display company, the organization, or the individual shall be responsible for notifying all the other
local, state and/or federal agencies where applicable.
21. The display company, the organization, or the individual shall be responsible for obtaining any other
local, state and/or federal permits when applicable.
Applicant Name (Please Print): ____________________
Company Name ______________________________
Applicant Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________ State: _________________ Zip Code: ___________
Applicant Phone Numbers: ____________________________ Other____________________________
Date of proposed display ________________________Time of display __________________
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Rain/wind date _____________________
Proposed Use/Location of the outdoor display: ___________________________________________ O.C., MD
(Attach diagram of display site)
Name of Company Providing Insurance for display:
Phone Number of Company Providing Insurance for display:__________________________
Attach Insurance Certificate (Proof of Insurance); Town of Ocean City must be named as the additional
insurer, with a minimum of one million dollar insurance coverage, thirty (30) day cancellation clause, to cover
bodily injury, and property damage.
Note: The issuance of the permit is based upon the information contained in this application only, and does not
cover unsatisfactory conditions resulting from errors, omissions or failure to clearly indicate conditions. Any
change(s) to the application shall be submitted to the Office of the Fire Marshal for review.
I hereby certify that I am aware of the conditions and requirements for having this permit and agree to comply
with the conditions and requirements. I understand that failure to comply with the conditions would mean
cancellation of this permit and possible denial of future permits.
Note: Applicant understands this permit does not authorize the use explosives/fireworks.
Applicants Signature ________________________________________ Date ____________
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Applicant notified permit is ready for issuance ________________________
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