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International Applicant Supplement - Part 1
Virginia State University
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Virginia State University, VA 23806
(804) 524-5055 (Fax)
Transfer Admissions
Graduate Admissions
P. O. Box 9018
P. O. Box 9054
Virginia State University, VA 23806
(804) 524-6981 (Fax)
transferadmissions@vsu.ed u
Please return this International Applicant Supplement form to Virginia State University as follows:
First Time Freshman Admissions
P. O. Box 9018
Virginia State University, VA 23806
(804) 524-5055 (Fax)
Virginia State University
International Applicant Supplement - Part 2
If you are using a third party individual or organization, paid or unpaid, to assist you with your
application process at Virginia State University, please provide the information requested below.
I am not using anyone to assist me with my application.
To assist me with my application, I am using the person and/or agency identified below.
I give consent to the University to release information concerning my application and the
admissions process verbally, in writing, or in the form of copies of written records to the
agent/agency listed below. In the absence of a written statement from me to the contrary, such
consent will expire upon completion of the admissions process.