Important: Aer admission to a U.S. school and before the U.S. immigraon document can be issued, U.S. immigraon regulaons
require that sasfactory evidence of adequate funds to meet all expenses incurred during the students rst academic year must be
provided to the U.S. school. Students are required to nofy the Internaonal Programs & Iniaves Oce of any funding changes.
Please complete ALL ITEMS (pages 1 and 2) on this form in English. Incomplete forms and/or missing documentaon will cause a
delay in document processing. Graduate applicants must submit this form even if UAF funding has been requested on page 2.
Supporng documentaon is needed from each person or organizaon who will be contribung to the cost of your educaon, as
listed under the source of funding on page 2. The documents should reect the person’s nancial status over me. Examples of
supporng documentaon include: bank statements covering the most recent 3-4 months or an ocial leer, on bank staonery
and signed by a bank ocial, indicang the amount of funds available. All documents must be in English or ocially translated into
English. Monetary amounts do not need to be expressed in U.S. dollars as a currency conversion will be done when documents are
processed. Currency type must be idened on the document. The completed Financial Statement and supporng documentaon
may be scanned and emailed. Students should be prepared to show original documents during the visa appointment and/or when
entering the United States.
Student Name
Family Name(s) Given Name(s)
Email Address
Starng Term Fall 20 Spring 20 Summer 20
Proposed Course of Study
Degree (PhD, Masters, Bachelors, Associates) Major (Academic Department)
How many years do you plan to study in the United States?
If you are already in the United States, what is your current immigraon status? F-1 J-1 Other
If J-1, what is the subcategory indicated on your DS-2019?
Do you plan to leave the U.S. and return before coming to UAF to study? Yes No If No, please aach a copy of your
Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record, or other documentaon indicang your current U.S. immigraon status, date of arrival and
expiraon date of status.
If you come to UAF, will any of your family members come with you? Yes No
Under current U.S. immigraon regulaons, only spouses and children under 21 years of age may come as dependents. Before docu-
ments for dependents can be issued, you will need to complete the Dependent Worksheet, provide copies of the passport iden-
caon page and ensure you have provided sucient documentaon of funding to support them. Note: dependents cannot legally
work while in the U.S.
It is strongly recommended that family members wait to travel to Alaska unl you have obtained suitable housing.
If yes, list name of person(s) and relaonship to you
If you have been corresponding with anyone at UAF (other than the Oce of Admissions), please list here:
Financial Statement for
Internaonal Applicants
Send a scanned copy or fax this form with the supporng
documentaon to:
Oce of Admissions and the Registrar
Fax: 907-474-7097
Esmated Expenses
for Internaonal Students Fall 2020-Spring 2021
Nine-Month Academic Year, September through May
Undergraduate Graduate Undergraduate Graduate
Tuion: 19,776 19,422 19,776 19,422
Fees: 2,333 2,283 3,677 4,137
Housing and Meals: 10,524 10,524 10,524 10,524
Day to Day Expenses: 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250
Health Insurance (required): 1,573 1,573 1,573 1,573
Books: 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000
TOTAL: $38,456 $38,052 39,800 39,906
Esmated expenses are subject to change. Fees are university-wide fees and do not include course or department specic fees. For the most up-to-date informaon,
go tonaid/costs/.
College of Engineering & Mines and School of Management have addional fees. This funding requirement applies to students taking CEM and SOM courses.
The costs listed above are approximate costs for one academic year (9 months). While not required for document issuance purposes,
if you plan to remain in the U.S. over the summer, add approximately $4,500.00 for summer living expenses. Transportaon costs to
and from the U.S. are not included. If you are bringing family members with you, you must have $10,000 in addional support per
dependent to cover the increased cost of housing, meals, incidentals, and insurance.
Residents of countries which hold approved Sister City/Sister Province agreements, qualify for resident tuion. Undergraduate
resident tuion is approximately $6,192; Graduate resident tuion is approximately $9,234 for the nine-month academic year. Total
required funding: Undergraduate: $24,872 (CEM/SOM: $26,216); Graduate : $27,864 (CEM/SOM: $29,718).
I am from this sister city/province:
How will you fund your studies in the U.S.?
I am requesng nancial assistance from UAF. However, if no assistance is awarded:
I will be able to aend UAF. I will not be able to aend UAF.
I have adequate funds, and am not requesng nancial assistance from UAF.
Engineering and Management Students
Source of Funding: Required Documents to be aached: Guaranteed Support – U.S. $
Personal Savings Bank statements or bank leer
signed by bank ocial $
Parent or Sponsor Signed adavit (below) and
bank statements/signed leer $
Your government Ocial agency award leer $
UAF funding Ancipated amount of funding
with UAF oer leer $
I cerfy that the informaon provided is correct and that I am required under U.S. immigraon regulaons to nofy the University
of Alaska Fairbanks of any changes in my nancial circumstances or academic status.
Date: Signature:
AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT (to be completed by parent or sponsor. A separate adavit is needed from each sponsor.)
“I, _____________________________________ cerfy that I will provide each year, nancial support in the amount of
$ _____________________, payable in U.S. dollars for the educaonal expenses of _______________________________________,
who is my_________________________.” Documentaon of the pledged amount is aached.
(Relaonship to student)
(Printed Name) (Signature of Sponsor) (Date)
(Address of Sponsor)
Scan and email all documentaon together. Students should be prepared to show original documents during your visa interview and/or when entering the U.S.
Account numbers on statements may be obscured with the excepon of the last two digits for document idencaon purposes.
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