Expense Undergraduate Graduate Graduate (MBA only)
Tuition / Segregated Fees $15330 $17830 $19,830 (MBA)
Fees (Int’l and New student fees) $360 $360 $360
Housing and Meals $7,400 $7,400 $7,400
International Student Health Insurance $1,550 $1,550 $1,550
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $3,860 $3,860 $3,860
Total $ 28.500 $ 31,000 $33,000
Type of Documentation* Acceptable Not Acceptable
Bank Letters or Banks Statements (Savings or Checking Accounts)
Fixed/Term/Time Deposits – must be able to be withdrawn at any time without penalty
Loan Letters
Scholarship Letters (Private, Government, School, etc.)
Solvency Letter - Bank letter indicating funds immediately available to the individual
Employer Letters / Salary Statements x
Provident (Retirement) Fund Statements x
Stock Market, Equity, or Mutual Fund Statements x
1. Review Estimated Annual Expenses & Financial Documentation Requirements below.
2. Provide student (and dependent) information (Page 2, Part I).
3. Indicate your funding source(s) and the amount available from each source. If you have one or more
financial sponsors (parent, relative, organization), verify their sponsorship by completing (Page 2, Part II).
4. Attach financial documents to verify that you and your sponsor(s) have available financial assets equal to or
greater than one year of costs.
In order for UW-Parkside to issue your I-20 immigration document needed for US student visa purposes, we require documentation
indicating that you have sucient funds for all academic and personal expenses for the first year of your academic program. Estimated
expenses include tuition, fees, personal living expenses and health insurance. Actual expenses may vary.
Although financial proof is required for only the first year of study, funding must be available for your entire academic program.
International students are NOT eligible for U.S. federal or state financial aid. Additionally, U.S. immigration regulations severely restrict
student employment so international students should not anticipate subsidizing their studies by earning income in the United States.
All tuition, fees, and other charges for the semester or session are due at the beginning of each term.
ESTIMATED ANNUAL EXPENSES (Summer and Winterim expenses are not included.)
Dependent financial support: Students wishing to have a spouse or children accompany them must provide proof of funding
for an additional $7,500 for each family member. A passport copy is required for the spouse and each child. *Please note a dependent
cannot also be a sponsor.
Be in English.
Be on ocial bank letterhead with a stamp/seal and/or bank ocer’s signature.
Demonstrate a minimum of total estimated expenses for one academic year in your educational program.
Include an issue date that is within 6 months of your university application date.
Include the account holder’s name.
Include a specific amount in dollars (USD).
Financial Sponsorship Form
University of Wisconsin-Parkside | Page 1
PART I - Type, sign, and submit this form to the UW Parkside International Student Services Oce (Adress below)
PART II Source of Funds: Indicate your funding source(s) and the amounts provided by each source.
Verification for Sponsors (if applicable)
This is to certify that I, the undersigned agree to provide the funds required for study at UW-Parkside and that I am submitting financial
document(s) indicating the availability of these funds. Attach the appropriate financial documentation showing funds available for one
year of costs.
7. Dependents: o I plan to come without dependents (spouse/children).
o I plan to come with dependents. Please supply a copy of each dependent passport.
8. Are you currently physically present in the U.S.? o No o Yes : Current visa status: __________
9. If you currently hold a valid F-1 visa, which institution will transfer your current I-20 to Parkside? _____________________________
1. Applicant Name (as on passport): ________________________________________ 2. Date of birth __ __ / __ __ / __ __
3. UWP ID: 2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4. Country of birth: ______________________________
5. Country of citizenship: __________________
6. Email address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
University of Wisconsin-Parkside Financial Sponsorship Form - Page 2
Source of Funds Instructions
US Dollar
I will pay from my own personal account Attach financial document(s) with applicant’s name and current fund balance.
This family member will pay for my education.
Attach financial document(s) with the sponsor’s name and current fund balance
AND have the sponsor sign section A below.
I will have a scholarship(s) from: Attach proof of the scholarship with the applicant’s name and amount of the
I will have a student loan from: Attach proof of the loan with the applicant’s name and amount of the loan.
My government/company will pay for my
Attach sponsorship letter with applicant’s name and amount of sponsorship funds.
List Other Funding: Attach sponsorship letter with applicant’s name and amount to be provided
Surname/Given Names
Date of Birth
Country of Birth Country of Citizenship Relationship to Applicant
Sponsor 1: Typed Name Date: Relationship:
Sponsor 1: Signature Amount:
This is to certify that the information given on this form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am fully aware that any
false or misleading statement will result in a termination of my admission.
Applicant Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________
Sponsor 2: Typed Name Date Relationship:
Sponsor 2: Signature Amount:
Please return this form to:
UW-Parkside International Student Services
900 Wood Road
Kenosha, WI 53144 USA
click to sign
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