Financial Aid Preparatory Coursework Form
Student’s Name _______________________ KCTCS ID# _______________________________
This Financial Aid Preparatory Coursework Form must be completed by the student and advisor at the
college/university for which the courses are required for admission to an eligible program. A letter from the
student’s advisor at the college/university, signed by the college advisor specifying the coursework may also be
attached to this form if it provides the information that the courses are required to be admitted to the program.
Course Requirement Statement:
The courses listed below are required for admission to ________________________________________________
Undergraduate/professional degree program at ________________________________________________
College/University (List the KCTCS Home College or other University with a passing grade and once complete may
be accepted to the program listed above).
List Required Courses:
Courses required for admission
Keep in mind that the University may have other requirements
to enter their program in addition to preparatory coursework.
Please read and sign below
I wish to apply for financial aid to help defray the costs of my preparatory coursework. I have read and understand
the information and understand that if I receive financial aid for preparatory coursework, I am responsible to meet
academic and financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy rules.
_________________________________________ _________________________________________
Student’s Signature Date
Certification: The student listed above is required to successfully complete the above courses (with any noted
stipulations and required passing grades) prior to final admission to the degree program.
_________________________________________ __________________________________________
Advisor Date
It is the applicant’s responsibility to return a copy of this completed form to
The KCTCS Home College Financial Aid Office for processing