Updated: 4/22/2020
BS/BA Degree, Grade Level Verification Form
Please type all information and turn in the completed form to the Financial Aid Office via email at eccfaid@elcamino.edu.
El Camino College Student ID Number Last 4 Digits of SSN Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Last Name First Name Middle Name
Address (Number & Street) City State Zip Code Telephone Number
On your FAFSA you have indicated that your educational grade level is 5th year or beyond and/or you have indicated
you have a bachelor’s degree, and/or that you are working on a professional degree. For the Financial Aid Office to
determine your financial aid eligibility, please complete the following information:
Do you have a bachelor’s degree? Yes No
If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, please list all the colleges you have previously attended:
Name of College
Starting Date of
(Month / Year)
Ending Date of
Student Signature Date
For Financial Aid Staff Only:
Corrections made to “Student FA Interests”? Yes No If Yes, which data element:
Financial Aid Office
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