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Submission Instructions
In the following page(s), complete all requested information using the fillable
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Summer 2021 Ai
d Request Form
By submitting this form, the Financial Aid Office will determine your financial aid eligibility for the Summer 2021 semester.
The deadline for submitting this form is Monday, July 19, 2021. Once your request has been reviewed, you will be notified
via your ToroMail account.
How many units are you planning to enroll? ___________ units
SECTION 1: Grant
I am only interested in a Federal Pell Grant (Undergraduates and Teaching credential students only).
Please note: If you attended full-time (12 units) during the Fall and Spring semesters and will enroll at least half-time (6
units) for Summer, you may be eligible to receive additional Pell Grant funds up to 150% of your scheduled award for the
award year. If you did not enroll full-time during either the Fall or Spring semesters, or if you enroll less than half-time for
summer, you will only be considered for remaining Pell Grant eligibility from the 2020-2021 school year.
I would like to request a Federal Direct Loan in the amount of $____________.
Requirement: To be eligible to borrow a Federal Direct Loan, you must be enrolled at least half-time (6 units
undergraduate/Teaching Credential/Certificate/2
Bachelors and 4 units [500 level] graduate).
There are two types of loans you may be offered:
SUBSIDIZED: the Federal government will pay the interest on your loan while you are enrolled for at least a half-time
unit load.
UNSUBSIDIZED: you are responsible for the interest accrued on this loan. You may choose to defer the interest while
in-school, but the interest will be capitalized (i.e. added to the principal) when you go into repayment.
Note: You will be assessed an origination fee for each disbursement of your loan. These charges do not reduce the amount
you are required to repay.
Student Certification (Please initial next to each statement):
_____ I understand the difference between a subsidized and unsubsidized loan and that I will be awarded an unsubsidized student
loan if I have no remaining subsidized loan eligibility.
_____ I understand that if I am not enrolled in a minimum of 6 units (undergraduate or teaching credential) or 4 units (graduate
500 level) during Session I, my loan disbursement will be delayed until the start of Session II.
_____ I understand that if my actual summer enrollment does not meet the unit requirement, the loan award will be cancelled and
I will be responsible for the payment of my summer tuition fees.
Important: As a financial aid recipient, you are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Please
review the SAP Policy at and refer to the chart below.
Summer 2021 Payment of Funds
Fall 2021 Payment of Funds
Summer 2021 financial aid payments and refunds will
occur after the review of all Spring 2021 grades has been
completed,. If you do not meet the SAP standards, you will
not be eligible for Summer funding.
Fall 2021 financial aid payments and refunds may be
delayed until a review of Summer 2021 grades has
been completed. If you do not meet the SAP standards,
you will not be eligible for Fall funding.
By signing this form, I understand that if I am not eligible for summer financial aid, I will be responsible for the
payment of my summer tuition fees.
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Student Signature (Required) Date
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