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Office of Financial Aid
Financial Aid Application for Summer 2022
Please complete this Supplemental Application and return it to the Financial Aid Office. This application will be
used to determine financial aid eligibility for the Summer Term ONLY. The completion of this application DOES NOT
guarantee eligibility for financial aid assistance.
NAME: _________________________________________ UVI ID#________________________
Date of Birth: ___________________________Mailing address: ____________________________________________
City ______________________________________________________State______________ Zip _________________
Email: ________________________________ Phone# ____________________Cell# ______________________
Enrolled credits for Summer 2022? Session 1______________ Session 2 ______________
Standard Pell Grant: Part-Time Enrollees with remaining Pell Eligibility from the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters; may be enrolled
in fewer than 6 credits and still qualify for a summer Pell Grant.
Year Round Pell Grant: Full-time Enrollees who received Pell Grant for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters; must be enrolled for
at least 6 or more credits.
Must have remaining loan eligibility for the 2021-2022 academic year.
Must be enrolled at least half-time (6 or more credits). If your enrollment status changes to less than half-time during the loan period,
the loan amount disbursed may be adjusted or cancelled.
3. Did you attend a college or university other than UVI during Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022? Yes No
If Yes, list each institution below. Students CANNOT receive a Federal Pell Grant simultaneously from two colleges/universities.
Name of Institution
Date/Term Attended
Degree Received
4. Will you be graduating in May 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate degree?
If you received a first bachelor’s degree in 2021-2022, you are not eligible to receive Federal Aid for Summer 2022
Any changes to your enrollment prior to receiving a grade of “WD”, “WP”, “WFor “NA” then aid may be adjusted
or cancelled.
Certification statement: By signing this application, I certify that I have reviewed the Summer Financial Aid Policy
Statement and I understand and agree to abide by the conditions. I further understand that if there are any changes in my
enrollment status during the summer term, my Federal Pell Grant or Federal Direct Loan can be reduced or cancelled.
Signature _________________________________________________________ Date _____________________
**NOTE** If your financial aid eligibility is not sufficient to cover your tuition and fees, you are responsible to pay the
balance by the due date to avoid cancellation of your classes.