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Financial Aid Appeal for Students with BA/BS or higher
Federal regulations require an institution to establish a policy governing the length of time during which students must complete their educational goal. The policy at
Santa Ana College allows students to attempt up to 90 units to complete an Associate De
gree or transfer to a four year institution to complete a Bachelor’s Degree.
Students who have already completed all the courses required for a BA/S degree or have already earned a BA/S degree or higher and now come back to a community
college to pursue a new career are required to appeal for their new educational goal. The Financial Aid Appeal Committee will make decisions on a case-by-case basis
and appeal approval is not guaranteed. The decision of the Financial Aid Appeal Committee is final.
Please note:
This appeal does not substitute for school review of students’ academic standing.
This appeal does not substitute for school review of students’ FAFSA information.
This appeal is for Students who are interested in borrowing a student loan financial aid purposes only if students are interested in borrowing a student loan.
* have to complete the appeal process. If approved, their loan request will be processed if they are enrolled in at least 6 approved units and have their financial aid file
completed and processed.
*Students may receive a California College Promise Grant (CCPG) (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver) if otherwise eligible without appealing.
The Financial Aid Committee will review your appeal and evaluate your extenuating circumstances documented on this form. You will be notified by mail of the committee
decision. You will not be paid for a semester if your appeal is approved after the semester has ended. The deadline to submit your appeal documents for
Summer 2020 is
07/09/20, Fall 2020 is 11/13/20 and Spring 2021 is 05/14/2021.
1. Make an appointment with an Academic Counselor in the Counseling Center at Santa Ana College or EOPS Counselor if you are in the EOPS program.
During your appointment, the counselor will evaluate all your academic transcripts from previous colleges and develop a Comprehensive Education Plan
detailing the courses that have been completed, are in progress, and are still needed to complete for your academic program. Make sure all official
academic transcripts from previous colleges are on file at the Admissions & Records office before your Academic Counselor completes your
Comprehensive Education Plan. Foreign transcripts are required to be translated and evaluated before they are turned in.
If the counselor completed a paper Comprehensive Education Plan, attached it to this form to submit to the Financial Aid Office.
If the Counselor completed an electronic Education Plan in lieu of the paper Comprehensive Education Plan, please ask the counselor for the
print out of the electronic Education Plan and attach it to this form to submit to the Financial Aid Office. Also, please have the counselor
complete the information below.
2. Complete the back of this form (Step 1 to 4). Submit all to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline of the semester that you are appealing for.
How to submit your Appeal Documents to Santa Ana College Financial Aid Office?
Go to
, click on Financial Aid Document Intake, create your account to
log in and upload documents. Only PDF, TIFF, JPG and PNG files can be uploaded. Name the file as Appeal Documents. Go to LIVE CHAT if you
need help uploading your appeal documents.
Must be completed before submitting:
The Electronic Education Plan was developed for the education goal that the student is appealing for financial aid as follows:
Education Goal at SAC (
circle only one
goal for financial aid appeal): ___ AA/AS ____Transfer for BA/BS ___ ADT ____ Certificate
GE Plan:_____________________________ Major:_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Academic Program (e.g. SAC.KIN.AA):__________________________________________________________Expected Completion by: ______________ (semester).
If transfer, transfer school: _______________________________________________________________________ Transfer Semester: _________________________
Name of the Counselor who developed the Education Plan _______________________________________________ Ed Plan Date: ___________________________
Comments (if any)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Student Name: ________________________________________Signature_______________________________________________Date: ______________________
Financial Aid Staff (T2)
click to sign
click to edit
SAP status =T2 Student Name: ________________________________________________________________ ID: ____________________________
I am appealing for (check one only): Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Step 1: College Degrees/Certificates you have earned at other schools:
Degree/Certificate School Name Date/Year
Step 2: List courses you are enrolling/taking in the semester that you are appealing for: Is the course listed on your Ed Plan
Course Name Course Title Units as Major, General Ed, or Prerequisite?
Step 3: You are disqualified for financial aid because you already earned a BA/BS or higher degree. Clearly explain the extenuating circumstances that have caused
you to pursue a new academic program for another degree/certificate (example: injury, illness, seeking a new career, etc.). Specify the reason(s) and attach supporting
documentation (if no documentation available, be sure to explain). Attach additional pages if needed.
Step 4: For future success, describe what you have taken to address the circumstances indicated above and how you will be able to achieve your new academic program
and meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards (ex.: Following the ed plan, tutoring, counseling, medical assistance, etc.). Attach additional pages if needed.
_______ I understand that filing a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal does not guarantee continued eligibility for Financial Aid.
_______ I understand that appeal decisions might not be made prior to the first day of classes and I will be responsible for any fee or textbooks costs.
_______ I understand that if this appeal is approved, I will be placed on Financial Aid Probation. To maintain Financial Aid eligibility, I must complete all attempted classes
with a 2.0 GPA or higher. No W’s or Fs. The Financial Aid Office may impose additional conditions that I must achieve in order to continue receiving Financial Aid.
_______ I understand that if this appeal is approved, I will be expected to adhere the attached Comprehensive Education Plan and any additional conditions dictated by the
Financial Aid Office.
Student Signature_______________________________________________________________ Date ___________________________________________________