Financial Aid Appeal Form
Student completes this: Completion Rate_________ GPA_________
This is your only opportunity to appeal the denial of your financial aid and the decision is final.
You must submit SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION for the circumstances outlined in your
explanation. An example of supporting documentation could include, but not limited to: court or
police reports, hospital release forms, accident reports or death certificates.
Carefully read the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy before proceeding with your appeal.
You must first understand why you have been denied before you can adequately prepare your
Allow seven days for processing of this appeal.
This form is incomplete if you are missing: 1) Statement, 2) Supporting Documentation, 3) SEP
Name Student ID
You are required to meet with an academic counselor to create a current Student Educational Plan (SEP).
All SEP counseling appointments require 1 hour.
Please submit a typed & detailed explanation answering the following questions:
1. What circumstances beyond your control, prevented you from successfully meeting the requirements of the
Satisfactory Academic Progress policy (SAP)? Your explanation should be very specific, including dates that
coincide with semesters that you failed to meet the requirements of the SAP. Provide supporting
documentation as explained above
a) What adjustments have you made that will help to resolve the issues listed above?
b) What are your educational goals and future career goals?
2. I understand the SAP Policy.
Student Initial _______________________
3. I have provided supporting documentation for my statement.
Student Initial _________________________
Student Section
STAFF ONLY/Incomplete if missing one.
___ Statement
___ Initials
___ Supporting Documentation
___ SEP