Section A: Basic Information
Final Grant Report Form
Department and School:
Name of Project:
Amount Awarded:
Start and End Dates:
Section B: Results and Impact
Summarize the anticipated results (impact or outcomes stated in the original proposal) and the degree to which they
were achieved during the award period using quantitative and qualitative terms.
How many UB students were involved, if any, and how did the project enhance their learning and overall UB experience?
How did the project help meet a specific goal of UB’s Strategic Plan?
Identify any unanticipated implementation challenges and how they were addressed (e.g., faculty or staff changes,
difficulty in obtaining software or other necessary equipment, etc.)
Section C: Evaluation
Was the project evaluated at all? If so, by whom?
How was the effectiveness of the project measured, i.e. what indicators or benchmarks were used?
If applicable, share the effect the project had on the public's perception of UB. This can include anecdotes, feedback from
websites, or comments from members of the local community as well as the UB community (current students, alumni, staff
and faculty.)
Section D: Lessons Learned
Describe any lessons learned related to the application process, implementation of the project, scope of activities,
collaborative relationships, measuring impact, or other areas.
What, if anything, would you do differently?
Section E: Future Plans
Are there plans to continue or expand the project after the award period because of the success of the program and the
interest it has generated?
What are the programmatic, evaluative, or organizational changes that will be made based upon the project’s outcome?
Outline any collaborative partnerships that were formed (or strengthened) within UB or between UB and other organizations
(e.g., other universities, community groups, special interest groups, etc.) as a result of the project, and indicate if/how these
new partnerships will continue.
Please submit any supporting material that would contribute to an understanding of the project and its accomplishments to
date. This would include:
representative samples of completed work;
preliminary products such as conference or workshop papers;
course syllabi and manuals;
written evaluations of a project;
consultant reports, if required;
articles submitted to journals;
copies of any mailing, fliers, brochures, photographs, press releases or news articles, or other media coverage, and
representative screenshots of websites resulting from the award.