Final Grade Certification
The City of Yorba Linda requires a licensed Professional Engineer to submit a wet signed and stamped final grade
certification prior to the certificate of occupancy and the final grading inspection will be performed concurrently with
the final inspection of the building.
Project Name: _______________________________________ Tract/Parcel No.___________________________
Project Address:______________________________________ Grading Permit No.________________________
Lot(s): _________________________________
I hereby approve the final grading for the above referenced project in accordance with my responsibilities under
Orange County Grading and Excavation Code and City Grading Code was completed in conformance with the
accepted grading plan including: completion of required engineered or other drainage devices and retaining walls,
location of property corners for proper building location and elevation of building finish floor, location and slope ratio
for all manufactured slopes and construction of earthen berms and positive building pad drainage. In addition, all
slopes are irrigated and planted in accordance with the grading notes and City Grading Code.
_______________________, CA _________________
Engineer Name:_______________________________________
RCE:________________________ Exp. Date_______________
Signature____________________________________________ Date ___________________
Version: July 2015
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