NSCAS ACT Parental Consent Form
Each year, Nebraska public school students in the Third Year Cohort, typically juniors, are required
by state law to take a standard college entrance exam. The Nebraska Department of Education
(NDE) administers the ACT test for this purpose. Below is information for parents to understand the
process that accompanies the actual test. The NDE Statewide Assessment Office requests you read
this information, complete the consent portion, and return it to your student’s school.
Features and benefits of taking the ACT
It measures what students have learned in high school.
There is no cost to the student or the family for this administration.
Testing will occur during the school day.
The results can be used for admission to many colleges and universities.
The results will help determine the student’s academic readiness for college and provide career
guidance based on information provided to ACT.
What information does ACT want to know?
Before test day, students will be asked to provide basic identifying information and information about their
college and career interests. Note: ACT does not require a Social Security number.
Information Type
Specific Field/Section
These fields are required for ACT to
generate and deliver the student’s score
Name (first, last, middle initial)
Date of birth
Mailing address
Some sections collect additional
information about the student and their
college and career interests. These sections
are helpful for college and career planning.
High school course/grade
Student Profile Section
Interest Inventory (see below)
ACT encourages students to complete these optional sections so that they can
receive additional college and career planning information in addition to the test
scores on the score reports.
Note: If the student chooses not to complete these sections, the score reports will
be partially blank. This includes reports sent to the student’s high school, any
colleges or universities, and their ACT Educational Opportunity Service (EOS)
ACT Interest Inventory
Nebraska students will have access to information for planning beyond high school by completing the non-
test portions of the ACT. The ACT Interest Inventory is completed prior to the test date and is considered to
be part of the “non-test” portion of the assessment. In completing the non-test portions, students will
provide information which will result in personalized career information and a comprehensive profile for
colleges which demonstrates work done in high school as well as future plans. As part of the Interest
Inventory students are asked questions related to interest in postsecondary education, educational needs
and interests, factors influencing college choices, etc. The interest inventory questions are optional and can
be found in the document Taking the ACT,
https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/secured/documents/TakingTheACT-StateandDistrict.pdf. Parents
can direct their student to not participate in the interest inventory or skip specific questions.
ACT Educational Opportunity Service (EOS)
EOS is an optional program that can help students learn about educational, scholarship, career, and
financial aid opportunities at no charge. Students can opt into this service with the Interest Inventory and
other non-test information.
ACT research shows that EOS participation benefits students by giving them greater access to information
about colleges and programs of study, expanding their possibilities for future success.
Who has access to EOS information?
ACT follows industry standards for high levels of security to protect private and personally identifiable
information. ACT only shares EOS data with:
accredited postsecondary educational institutions
scholarship agencies that offer programs of study at the postsecondary level, educational
enrichment programs, or financial aid for postsecondary study
government-directed agencies, such as state or federal student financial aid agency or ROTC
organizations that offer educational programs and/or financial aid for education
All third-party organizations that participate in EOS agree to contact students only to share information
about their educational and/or financial aid programs.
Note: You may withdraw from this service at any time. Simply contact ACT or visit the EOS program
information page at www.actstudent.org.
Contact Us
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact your school, the NDE Statewide Assessment Office
(nde.stateassessment@nebraska.gov) or the Nebraska ACT Coordinator Iris Owens (iris.a.owens@act.org).
Parent/Guardian Consent
Only students who have parental consent will be allowed to participate in the ACT EOS and provide test
scores to colleges and universities. If you choose not to give consent, the student will not be allowed to
request the four (4) free score reports to colleges/universities (valued at $13 each) or participate in the EOS.
____ Yes, I give consent for my child to participate in the free EOS and request the score reports. Please
note, the student will also need to say “Yes” in the answer folder to participate with EOS and provide college
codes for score reports to be sent.
____ No, I do not give consent for my student to request score reports or participate in EOS.
Student Name (please print):
Parent/Guardian/Adult with legal or actual charge of student Name (please print):
Parent/Guardian Signature/Adult with legal or actual charge of student: