Town of Clayton Parks and Recreation Athletic Field Rental Request Form
Please complete all fields applicable to you request.
Name (First, Last):
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
Street Address:
City, State, Zip Code:
Phone #1:
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Team Name:
Clayton Community Park
(1075 Amelia Church Rd)
East Clayton Community Park
(1774 Glen Laurel Rd)
Municipal Park
(325 McCullers Road)
Legend Park
(550 City Road)
o CCP Field #1
o CCP Field #2
o CCP Field #3
o ECCP Baseball Field
o ECCP Soccer Field
o ECCP Multipurpose
Field Full or Half
o Ball Field
o Ball Field
Field Requesting
Practice or Game
Day Start Date End Date
Example: CCP Field #1
Practice Tues 3/8/15 3/29/15 6:00pm 8:00pm 60’ 40'
The applicant___________________________________ agrees to abide by the field rental and usage rules for its participants, officials and
spectators; and assumes responsibility for damage to property, supervision and control of all participants, officials and spectators during use of the
facility. The Designated Representative for each organization is responsible for knowing the CPRD Rules and ensuring all regulations are followed.
Statement of Understanding: I the undersigned, representing the________________________________ organization, have reviewed this document
and agree to inform all members of its contents and to assume that this organization enforces and follows all provisions of this agreement. I further
give assurance that the organization, group or agency that I represent is in compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws.
On behalf of the above mentioned organization, I, the undersigned, agree that our participants, officials and spectators will abide by the below rules
of conduct and realize that failure to fulfill my obligations to Town of Clayton will result in immediate revocation of all permits issued to the
organization and any future use without reimbursement of fees or expenses. This document supersedes all other relative to the permit for activities
requested by this organization.
Signature of Representative________________________________________________Date______________________________
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Town of Clayton Parks and Recreation Field Rental and Usage Rules
Scheduling Procedures:
The above “Field Request Form” shall be completed for all requests other than contracted multi-day tournaments.
If you are interested in hosting a tournament, please contact the Town of Clayton Parks and Recreation
Department at 919-553-1550.
A single request form may be used for multiple requests.
“Field Request Forms” must be submitted in person at the Clayton Community Center, or emailed to
Following the processing of request forms according to the Priority of Usage Policy and the deadlines detailed in
the subsequent sections, all applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis.
A confirmation of reserved fields will be provided at the time of scheduling with a receipt of payment or balance
Fields will be rented out when available as long as there are no conflicts with any Town of Clayton Parks and
Recreation Events. The Town of Clayton Parks and Recreation Department has the right to cancel any field
rentals at any time. A refund will be processed for all cancelations.
Field rental request forms will be accepted during the following registration periods. Fields will be rented when
available Feb 15 – Nov 15. Fields will be closed Nov 16 – Feb 14 for maintenance. Please contact the Athletic
Supervisor at for special inquiries during this winter maintenance period.
o Request period: Jan 1 – Feb 1 Rental period: Feb 15 – March 15
o Request period: Feb 1 – March 1 Rental period: March 16 – June 15
o Request period: May 1 June 1 Rental period: June 16 – Aug 15
o Request period: July 1 – Aug 1 Rental period: Aug 16 – Nov 15
No request forms will be accepted until the start of the request period.
You will be notified of the awarded dates within 3 business dates after the request period has ended.
Payments will be due within 24 hours of the last scheduled rental per rental period.
All dates on “Field Request forms” are that of requests. No dates are guaranteed.
Priority of Usage
1. Town of Clayton
2. Historical use for applications submitted prior to scheduled deadlines
3. Date of submitted request form
4. First come basis
Contacts and Forms
To schedule a field rental complete a “Field Request Forms” and submit in person at the Clayton Community
Center, or email to
After Hours or Maintenance Issues (leave message) – 919-553-1550 or email
Field Conditions – – click on the rain out information tab
Insurance and Liability Waivers
Teams MUST carry a minimum of $2,000,000.00 Commercial General Liability Coverage with $2,000,000.00
per occurrence, liability insurance coverage which names Town of Clayton as an additional insured.
Field Rules
1. No dogs allowed on fields
2. Alcohol is prohibited park wide
3. No tobacco on fields or in dugouts
4. No hitting golf balls on fields
5. No soft toss/hitting balls into fences
6. Do not remove/move temporary fences or bases
7. Stay off wet fields
8. Clean dugouts/field after each use
Some fields, ECCP and CCP, have automatic lights which will be set to turn on and off at certain times. At these
facilities, lights will be turned on either 30 minutes prior to rental start time, or 30 minutes prior to the official
sunset. Lights will be turned off 15 minutes after the official rental time has ended. All rentals should end on
time, and all participants and spectators should be clear of the field soon after. If extra time is anticipated, the
requested rental time should be extended. At Legend and Municipal, lights will be turned on 10 minutes prior to
rental start time and will be turned off at rental end time.
Town of Clayton Parks and Recreation Field Rental Rates
Resident Fee
Non-Resident Fee
CCP Field #1
CCP Field #2
CCP Field #3
ECCP Baseball Field
ECCP Soccer Field
(*Games only, 2 hour
minimum rental)
ECCP Multipurpose –
Full Field
ECCP Multipurpose –
Half Field
Lights (CCP, Municipal, Legend)
Lights (ECCP Soccer & Baseball)
Baseball/Softball Field Prep (All Fields)
ECCP Soccer Field Paint
Included in field rental
*Fees added 8/13
Resident Fee
Non-Resident Fee
Additional Services
CCP - All Day Rental
(Sat & Sun, 8 -15 hours)
$200/Field/Day $250/Field/Day
CCP - Half Day Rental
(5-7 hours)
$100/Field $125/Field
ECCP Baseball All Day
$300/Day $350/day
*additional field prep
*scoreboard usage
*drying agents
*admission fee to Town
*other vendors
*All Tournament Field Rentals Include 1 Part-Time Staff @ Facility at all times*
*All Tournament Field Rentals include initial field prep for first game, charges apply for
additional field prep throughout the day*
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