Federal regulations require that we collect an authorization from you if you want your student financial
aid to be used to pay for any educational expenses. Giving this authorization is optional, however,
should you select “No”, you will be responsible for full payment prior to the release of your financial aid.
Indicate “Y” below to give NEO authorization to use your financial aid to pay ALL charges placed on your
student account. These charges can include tuition, fees, books purchased on credit through the NEO
Bookstore, on-campus room and board, supplies, tools, equipment, miscellaneous bookstore charges,
parking fees, library fines, emergency loans, returned check charges, and minor charges incurred in a
prior academic year of attendance.
By checking “NO”, you understand that you will be responsible for all current and minor prior year
charges before any federal aid will be released to your student account. You will
not receive an
immediate refund (should you be eligible), and will be billed for 100% of your fees before your
financial aid will be paid to you.
Please check Yes or No
This statement will be kept in your permanent file in the Office of Financial Aid (OFA), and will remain in
force throughout your academic career at NEO. Should you wish to rescind this authorization, please
contact the OFA.
Student Signature
Authorization To Credit Financial
Aid to Student Account
Students Name _______________________________________________
ID #____________________
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