Document Submission:
Fax: 312.567.3982
Office of Financial Aid
Perlstein Hall, 206
10 W. 33
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: 312.567.7219
Section One: Student Information
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Last Name First Name
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Campus-Wide ID (A#) Telephone Number
Section Two: Reason For Appeal
1. Student status: Undergraduate Graduate
2. What is your expected degree completion/graduation date: _____________________________
3. Is this a new or continuing appeal? New this is my first SAP Appeal Continuing I have appealed before
4. Please check the reason(s) for your appeal from the following options:
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Undergraduate students must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA, a 2.0 major GPA, and a 1.85 term GPA.
Graduate students must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
Pace of completion
Students must successfully complete two-thirds (67%) of total hours attempted. For example, a student who has
attempted 45 credit hours must have successfully completed at least 30 credit hours.
Maximum Timeframe
Students must attempt no more than 150% of the number of hours required to graduate from their academic
Federal guidelines require that measurable progress is made toward degree
completion in order to receive federal and state financial aid. This requirement is called
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). SAP is measured in the following three ways:
cumulative and major Grade Point Average (GPA), pace of progression, and maximum
timeframe. Failure to meet SAP as established by the university’s SAP Policy will lead to
federal and state financial aid ineligibility.
Students may appeal for reconsideration of federal and state aid eligibility by
completing this form. Appeals are reviewed by an appeals committee on a case-by-
case basis and students are emailed with a decision or a request for more information
within two to three weeks. The deadline to appeal is November 9 for the fall semester
and April 5 for the spring semester.
1. Completed form
2. Detailed Letter
3. Supporting
4. G702 (Graduate
Students Only)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal 2020-2021
(Federal and State Financial Aid Ineligibility)
Section Three: Appeal Documentation
Appeal Letter: Provide a typed, detailed explanation that includes all of the following:
Circumstance: Provide a concise explanation that indicates the specific reason(s) that impacted your ability to
meet SAP, such as the death of a relative, illness, injury, accident, etc.
Circumstance Change: Explain how your circumstance has changed and how this change will allow you to meet
SAP at the next evaluation point (end of your next enrolled term).
Supporting documentation: Check the appropriate box below and, if applicable, attach supporting documentation.
Documentation is attached to this form. Examples include but are not limited to the following: employer’s letter,
doctor’s letter, police report, copies of medical bills, court documents, and death certificates.
No documentation is available due to the nature of the appeal (additional follow-up may be required).
Section Four: SAP Probationary Period
Undergraduate Students:
If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on a probationary period for one term and will be expected to meet SAP
at the next evaluation point. If this is not possible, the Office of Financial Aid will follow up with you to develop a plan
with Undergraduate Academic Affairs and/or your academic advisor to ensure you meet SAP at a specific point in time
and reach successful degree completion.
Graduate Students:
If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on a probationary period for one term and will be required to earn a 3.0
cumulative GPA and successfully complete all of the classes for which you are registered, as set forth by Graduate
Academic Affair’s G702 form. You must attach a copy of your G702 Academic Probation Contract with this appeal.
By signing this form, I certify that my appeal is truthful and complete.
_____________________________________________________________ _________________________
Student Signature (must print and sign) Date