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Federal Loan Adjustment Form 2020-2021
Student Information
____________________________________________ __________________________________________
Last Name First Name
____________________________________________ __________________________________________
Campus-Wide ID (A#) Telephone Number
Loan Information
1. For which term are you requesting funding?
Fall & Spring
Fall Only (I am graduating at the end of the fall term.)
Spring Only (I started classes in the spring term.)
Summer (I am currently enrolled in the summer term.)
2. How much funding are you seeking?
Enter the current loan amount and the value to which you would like to reduce or increase your loan. Leave columns blank if not applicable.
Loan Type
Current Amount
Reduce to
Increase to
$ $ $
$ $ $
3. Additional Details (skip if none apply):
I would like to decline my Federal Work Study Award (FWS) My parent applied for and was denied a Direct Parent Loan
Financial Health Check
When adjusting your loans, we highly suggest you complete the exercises below by logging in to the Federal Student Aid
website (
view a summary of your total federal student loan debt.
Use the Loan Simulator to calculate your monthly student loan payments: $ (use an estimate of your future
salary to complete this step)
By signing this form, I authorize the Office of Financial Aid to adjust my federal loan(s).
Student Signature (must print & sign) Date Parent Signature (undergraduate PLUS Loans only) Date
The Office of Financial Aid requires borrowers seeking a loan adjustment to confirm their
requested changes. This form seeks to inform borrowers of the impact loan adjustments will
have on their total debt and estimated monthly payments. Loan adjustments take up to a week
to process and may generate additional requirements on the myIIT portal.