Family of the Month
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( ______________________ ) Family Named ( ______________________ )
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Family of the Month!
Contact: _________________________________________________________________________
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________________________ — The ( _______________________ ) family of ( _______________________ )
City, State/Province Family Name Parish Name
in ( ________________ ) has been recognized as ( ______________ ) Family of the Month by Knights of Columbus
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Council ( ______________ ). ( _______________ ) parish, Knights of Columbus ( _______________________ )
Council Number Parish Name Council Name and Number
and the entire ( _________________________ ) community applaud the ( ____________________________ )
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on their accomplishment and the strong example they set for all families in our community!
The Knights of Columbus Family of the Month program promotes and supports the development of strong and
vibrant families by recognizing the good work being done every day in the homes of our neighbors. Recognized
families outwardly exhibit strong ties of love and faith, exemplifying Catholic family values and making meaningful
contributions to their parish and larger community.
(Elaborate on the exact actions of this month’s Family of the Month. Explain what specific actions caused them to
be chosen for this recognition. 1 – 2 paragraphs.)
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Faith in Action Family
Faith in Action
10667 3/21
Again, congratulations to the ( ______________________________ ) family! May they grow further in their love
Family Name
for one another and continue to strive to emulate the blessed model set forth for us by the Holy Family:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Please spread the word!
Council ( ___________ ) in ( _____________________________ ) is one of 17,000 Knights of Columbus councils
Number Town/City
that make up the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Founded in 1882 to assist working-class
and immigrant Catholics in the United States, today the approximately two million members of the Knights put their
faith into action through a broad range of charitable causes locally, nationally and internationally through financial
contributions and hands-on service.