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Core Curriculum First-Year Seminar Exemption Information
Beginning fall semester 2020, all first-year students at Fairmont State University will be required to enroll in and
successfully complete a one-credit Core Curriculum First-Year Seminar (FYS).
The purpose of this class is to provide students with a sense of belonging and the tools needed to be successful in
First-year seminar is part of the new Fairmont State Core Curriculum being implemented fall 2020 that outlines a
required curriculum that all students must complete along with course requirements determined by their major and
Academic College in order to graduate with a degree.
It is important students understand that First-Year Seminar:
Is a graduation requirement.
Must be attempted for the first time within the first 2 semesters or first 30 credits.
Requires a grade of “C” or higher (students who earn a D or F in First-Year seminar must repeat the class).
The University recognizes there will be academic programs and new students that either require or are eligible for
exemption from the Core Curriculum First-Year Seminar.
The following list outlines primary reasons a student may be approved for an exemption from the Core Curriculum FYS
Academic Program with an approved exemption.
Transfer student with 30 completed credits (does not include duel enrollment, CLEP, or AP credits/classes).
Re-enrolled with successful completion of 30 academic credits.
Earned Associate Degree or higher.
Non-Degree students.
Students who were actively enrolled in Spring 2019 and chose to move to an Academic Course Catalog
containing the First-Year Seminar requirement."
Individual students interested in applying for an exemption must complete the Request for Exemption from the First-
Year Seminar Core Curriculum Requirement form. This form is available in the Fairmont State forms repository.
All individual exemption requests will be reviewed by the Coordinator for the First-Year Seminar Program. The Office
of the Provost will review appeals for denied requests.
According to the most recent National Survey for the First-Year Experience, almost 74% of colleges and universities,
public and private, have a First-Year Seminar as part of an overall First-Year Experience at their institution. While
some students may be eligible for an exemption, all new students will be invited and encouraged to enroll in a First-
Year Seminar to increase their likelihood of success in college.
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Fairmont State University
Core Curriculum First-Year Seminar Exemption Request
Students requesting an exemption from the Core Curriculum First-Year Seminar must complete this form and submit it
to the First-Year Seminar Coordinator at 1201 Locust Ave., 307 ED. Bldg., Fairmont, WV 26554 or by emailing
Student Information
Last Name ______________________________________ First Name ___________________________ MI ___
Date ____________________________
F-Number ________________________________________________
Phone ____________________________
Email ______________________________________________________________________
Academic Department _________________________________________________________
Major ______________________________________________ Minor ___________________________________
Reason for Exemption
Transfer student with 30 completed credits
Re-enrolled with successful completion of 30 academic credits (does not include dual enrollment, CLEP, or AP
Earned Associate Degree or higher
Non-Degree students
Catalog Change
Approved exemptions will be sent to the Registrar’s Office with a request to update the student’s Degree Works.
The Registrar will notify the SOAR FYS Coordinator via email that the exemption has been applied. The SOAR FYS
Coordinator will notify the student and official Academic Advisor of this change.
All questions regarding the FYS exemption process should be directed to the SOAR First-Year Seminar Coordinator.
_________________________________________________________ __________________________
Signature of SOAR FYS Coordinator Date
Approved Not Approved
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